show review
(Illya Kokshenev)
Fri Aug 01 '08
Chevrolet Hall
Belo Horizonte, , BR
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Aug 09, '08 4:43 pm

Excellent show. Sorry for the bad acoustics in that venue... We have another one in this city, much better acoustically but smaller (Steve Vai did his gig there, and that was right decision).

[b]Anyway - the show was GREAT!!![b] Special thanks for the "Club Joe Meet & Greet", and especially to you, Joe, that you are willing meed with us. That was unforgettable experience.

[b]More detailes about the show[b]: Cool beginning with "I just wanna rock"!!! But I've found the talk-box sounded strange. Probably there was a talk-box simulation by digital processing... well, that's ok for a live gig.

I didnt' believe that a crowd can really sing like that! "Crowd chant" - good ending of the show!

The new Satchurator sounded amazingly, however, I've noted a slight difference in guitar tone. The old DS-1 had just a bit "lighter" sound, and the Satchurator turned to be not enough subtle sometimes. OK - they are different, so the sound different too...

Stu Ham did his famous bass solo dancing!!! Respect!!! Why don't you (Joe and the band) add some sort of bass things on record?

Galen Hanson - played too cool to be just a tour manager :) I knew he's a great guitarist and a great manger too!

Jeff Cappuccino :) - exxxxellent and exxxxxact job!!!

And, of course, Joe - still surfing like no other alien!