show review
(Alexandre Gonçalves Poligicchio)
Tue Jul 29 '08
Credicard Hall
Sao Paolo, , BR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Aug 01, '08 10:49 am

The show was great... one of best shows that I watched... I feel like to listen "Friends" and "House Full of Bullets" but all right was excellent even so...

I'm still waiting the G3 with "Steve Morse" will be very good...

Tks, Alexandre Poligicchio

(Henrique Bruno Luz da Silva)
Tue Jul 29 '08
Credicard Hall
Sao Paolo, , BR
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jul 31, '08 3:51 pm

Oh MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!

See Satriani again was the best thing that could happen in this year !!!!

this guy is absolutely amazing !!!! His performances are always so exciting and the new creations are totally "out of this earth". Moreover his effects are perfect...Satch can match them like no other and for that reason he is and will be the best guitar player ever !!!!!!

Stu joinning the crew again was a great surprise too, altought i had really liked when Dave was there...

However, I was waiting for Satch calls a special guest...a brazilian guitarist like Gustavo Guerra (guitar idol 2008), Edu Ardanuy, Juninho Afram or another for a jam like he did in USA some months ago inviting, for example, Steve Morse, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson....of course that see only JOE SATRIANI here in São Paulo was so good !

Thanks GOD for create Joe Satriani...and thanks Satch for coming here again