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BigBunny Tue Jul 08 '08
Metropolis Fremantle
Fremantle, WA, AU
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 11, '08 1:33 am
3rd time that i've seen Joe live...this time i was right on the barrier Joes side O_o oooo seeing/hearing Satch Live is the best!! my top 2 shows are now both Satch gigs...the Freo 2008 gig and G3 2006. only reason 2005 isn't there is because i had a carp spot :/ thank you for returning to Perth Joe, Jeff, Galen and Stu! I hope you get yourself some nice REDs while you are here :P 'Time Machine' live AWESOME!! and from the new album i really enjoyed 'Overdriver' >=:o) seeing how you play that, with the pick scratching on the strings at the bottom. whatever it is you do, Joe you hit us for 6 that night!! hoping you return in 2010 perhaps?