show review
(Peter Grasso)
Wed Apr 02 '08
Guitar Center
Manhattan, NY, US
Rank: 8 Posted:
Thu Apr 17 '08
8:03 pm

I was in attendance in Natick, Massachusetts. I just want to say that this was a pretty decent presentation by Joe. 1.) Performance and comments on obstacles to overcome recording some of the songs; 2.) Question and answer session; 3.) Autograph and photo opportunities!!...I laughed at the part where Joe mentioned that he had to write about 50 songs so that his band could pick 12 that they were willing to play!! This mini tour must have worn him out!! I know I was exhausted, and I didnt even play or sign anything!! Good Luck in Europe, Joe. Thanks for stopping by Natick before leaving the country...

Peter Grasso Derry, NH

Orange Man
(Jorge Naranjo)
Wed Apr 02 '08
Guitar Center
Manhattan, NY, US
Rank: 9 Posted:
Sun Apr 06 '08
7:46 am
What can I say except for that it was the coolest thing ever! Hearing Musterion, Overdriver, Diddle-Y-A-Doo-DAT, Flying in a Blue Dream, Always with me, Always with you and Satch Boogie blasting in my face was just awesome, it puts one in a musical trance. So after explaining some techniques and his new Satchurator there was a Q&A. Joe had to be in California on the same night as the guitar center session so there were only 3 questions allowed from the crowd and the signing process had to go by very fast which was a bit disappointing but at the same time Joe is a very busy Rock Star. I really wish I could've gotten a picture with him but that was not allowed either due to time issue but once again, what can ya do. When I did get to meet him, I almost crapped my pants I was so nervous. I tried to hand him my bands demo and explain who's doing the recording and whatnot for us and I don't even know if he understood me I was so nervous and talking so fast. All in all it was a amazing, meeting ones "role model" or favorite guitar player ever doesn't happen everyday haha.