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(Thomas Nymand Nielsen)
Thu Jun 05 '08
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Copenhagen, , DK
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Jun 10, '08 6:40 am

This was the first time I saw Joe, and it surely wont be the last!

Steve Fister did a very good job I think. I liked his music, and the sound was good. Then Joe came on stage and started playing I Just Wanna Rock, and it was just amazing! The whole show was amazing. I cant really compare it to anything, since this was the first time i saw him - all I can say is that it really rocked! Only bad thing was the guy who has been mentioned who had this question for Joe. He was taken away be the security though :)

Joe, you and the band rocked, and i'll sure be there next time :D


Kenneth Bakon
(Kenneth Banke Kondrup)
Thu Jun 05 '08
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Copenhagen, , DK
Rank: 9 Posted: Mon Jun 09, '08 6:17 am
Fantastic. I loved it. This is the second time I saw Joe at concert. I was really close to the scene and in the middle, so I got some absolutely amazing photos of Joe and the band. Like another fan pointed out, there were some guys in the beginning who ruined it a little. (I think they were at bit drunk). I even recorded one of the guys on camera. He was the one who wanted to ask Joe a question, but just kept saying "Denmark loves you". Remember? So should any one be interested in re-experiencing that moment, Iīm sure we can work that out. Iīm not musician my self, so I canīt really comment on the quality of sound in details. But to me at sounded great. I think the setlist was great and Joe and the band played great also. So no complaints from me. I loved it. And to top it off, he recorded us for the video-dairy after the last song. To Joe: It was great seeing you again. Hope to see you again soon. Have a great tour.

(shoaib younossi)
Thu Jun 05 '08
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Copenhagen, , DK
Rank: 6 Posted: Sun Jun 08, '08 4:19 am

i have always rated joe's concert 10, but this time i am very disoppointed. not because joe and company performed badly but because the sound quality lets say sound management was very poor. like always i was right in the front row. what i think is joe's guitar was too loud, one could hardly hear what the rest of the band is playing. steve fister sounded much much better. one of the reason why i have rated the show 6 is right next to me there were few junkies who really ruined the show for me and lots of other.

the song list was not that good. concert started with i just wanna rock, the rest of the songs were: anadulisia, revelation, out of the sunrise, overdriver, didlee-ya-doo, satch boogie, always with me, surfing, time machine, cool # 9, ice 9, mystical, crying, one big rush, super colossal, crowd chant, flying in a blue dream, summer song. i think i have mentioned all the songs.

please comment on my reviews if anyone agree or disagree with me.

well satch hope to see you very soon once again in copenhagen with better sound like your previous shows.

Batlan Thu Jun 05 '08
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Copenhagen, , DK
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jun 07, '08 8:16 am

My first show, and it was the best concert i've ever been to..

There was a great mix of old and new songs, when the show started with " I just wanna rock" I got the chills, it was just so cool

But I kind a lost track of every song, so do someone know what the correct setlist was??

macedk Thu Jun 05 '08
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Copenhagen, , DK
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Jun 06, '08 3:49 pm

This concert was great :)

In the start of the concert the drums where so loud that joe's sound was low......that was corrected fast hehe.

"Out of the sun" was really great and sounded awesome.

Joe played "timemachine" and i hadn't heard that one in a long time :)

Danish crowd was in watching mode during the first hour or so :(

Stuuuu....says it all i think :)

To Joe : Very nice to meet you and thanks for the talk about my surfing with the alien shirt :) Too bad that you are not allowed to make them any more...:( Thanks for the picture as well :) I forgot to ask you for a pick hehe typical when you are face to face i guess :).

Again thank you so much for the concert and meet and greet :)

Keep Rock'in


(Lea Nielsen)
Thu Jun 05 '08
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Copenhagen, , DK
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 06, '08 6:47 am

Jeff Campitelli!....You are absolutely by far my favourite drummer in the whole wide world! I asked for a drum solo and I GOT it!!...I couldnīt believe it! - You definitely surprised me right there, because I never expected you to actually do it! And knowing that itīs not really your "cup of tea" to do drumsolos Iīm an even bigger fan now!! And thanks for the stick... - you are such a sweet man!!

And Joe!... I just canīt get enough of your divinely, heavenly, freakingly, fantastically, strangely beautiful music!! And watching you feel your way through the songs on stage is truly an out-of-this-world-experience!!

I caught Jeff and Galen before the sound check and they remembered me from the Hyde Street-Surfing-Show back in August (Jeff even called me "The Traveller" - thatīs the title of one of my favourite satch-songs too!!) and I was just about to start giggling like some teenager, which Iīm not (but you guys make me feel like one!) - But Iīm glad you all remember me because this is all the reason why I WILL KEEP COMING BACK!!

A good thing also is that we can now get t-shirts in womens sizes too with a more feminine look. My t-shirts from previous tours are way too big for me and I only use them to either sleep in or for my workouts - but my new red hot satchafunkilus t-shirt I will actually wear in public!! - .....Cool!!

The only downer was this moron in the crowd who was on something and kept yelling at Joe that he had a question for him. Joe was kind enough to stop the show to answer his question and this jerk was too high to even be able to formulate the question. All he did was harass all of us in front of him, but we called security and had him removed. I have one advice for you bro: Stay off drugs or stay off the Satriani-Tour!!

Lots of love to all of you and Iīll definitely see you again somewhere, sometime on this beautiful planet of ours!.....Iīll be going to the US some time this Fall, soooo who knows....??!!

And this drumsolo just keeps coming back to me.....Jeff, you made my day!!