show review
(Bernat Cir)
Tue May 06 '08
Palau de la Musica
Barcelona, , ES
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun May 18, '08 3:22 pm
This was my 4th Satriani show, I saw him in Barcelona twice and also in Seville in the Guitar Legends Concert, but last time I think it was in 1996. What really surprises me is how much Joe has improved (although that could seem impossible). I think he is in perfect shape , more free and wilder than ever. The band was great and it seems they were having a good time. Stu solo was also terrific. I also liked that they played some old songs like "time machine", one of my favourites, and Joe played an improvised solo different from the album, which I loved. Ice 9 live version it's just amazing. Weirdest solo of all time. And "Andalusia" was great too.
It was very special as I was also lucky to meet Joe briefly after the show (thanks to Stu...) I have to say they were all very kind with us. THANKS FOR A GREAT NIGHT!

(Joan Jove)
Tue May 06 '08
Palau de la Musica
Barcelona, , ES
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu May 15, '08 12:01 pm
Fantastic show in a beautiful venue.
Joe is in an excelent shape, probably one of his bests ever. His live playing kicks ass.
His tone is also superb.
All I can say is that it was perfect, more than I expected, and that is certainly very much.
It was also a perfect day for me, as I had the pleasure to meet Joe, talked to him ands having stuff signed before and after the show. My seat was also very convenient, as I was at second row, just in front of his pedal set, and I took pictures from him from this privileged position.
I also had the pleasure to share experiences before and after the show with 3 T2Jers, all of them very nice and lovely people, who I'm looking forward to meet again some time.
I like PSATMOR, so I had no problem with having lots of tunes from Joe's last CD in the setlist, mixed and blended with Joe's classics of the early times. I enjoyed particulary the intro to Cool#9, played with Stu close to Joe, Time Machine, the extended AWMAWY, and the blast of Andalusia soloing. The final Summer Song got the audience almost bouncing over their seats.
I don't forget Stu. He's brilliant. I used to be a Zepp fan, so I was amazed by his Going to Caifornia-like solo.
Therefore, I'm already counting down time to Joe's next show, maybe a G3 tour in 2009.

(Georges Mestre)
Tue May 06 '08
Palau de la Musica
Barcelona, , ES
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue May 13, '08 12:36 pm

Well, for me this was a very special concert, because I had the pleasure of meeting Joe (Preshow), so It was a pleasure for me to be there. Also, one of the best set-lists mixing very old and new material. I liked much more the live sound of the new album than the studio sound (for example Andalusia is great live).

As always, Jeff played drums great, so I was very happy to go.

From where I was sitting, the sound was a little to high at the beginning, but then it was great.

Thanks for this concert, Hoping to see you guys in the G3 2009.!!!!

(Josep Febrer Salord)
Tue May 06 '08
Palau de la Musica
Barcelona, , ES
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon May 12, '08 10:50 am

It was a really great show which I have the pleasure to attend. I was really impressed by the excellent sound quality, it can be also that the place Palau de la Música helped a bit on that. Joe was also really intense playing all the songs. The songs from the new album got better played live, for example, I wasn't realized until then that Diddle-y-a-Doo-Dat was so good. I really enjoyed all the songs, also Stu Ham was great.