show review
(Alfredo Fernandez)
Mon May 05 '08
Sala la Riviera
Madrid, , ES
Rank: 9 Posted: Thu Jun 19, '08 2:02 pm
I've attended almost every concert Satch has played in Spain, and all of them have been amazing. Of course, this was too, but I'd like to complain about La Riviera. It is not a good place to enjoy such an incredible musical experience like a Satch concert is, because the sound quality of this place is very poor. So I hope next time they could play in a better place, as they deserve! Anyway, Joe and the band were fantastic. I enjoyed a lot the new songs, specially "Out Of The Sunrise". Thanks for comming, and I see you next time!

JaviMar Mon May 05 '08
Sala la Riviera
Madrid, , ES
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu May 08, '08 2:37 pm
This was my first Satriani concert since I discovered his music just a year ago, and I must say I was impressed at his playing. The concert was excellent, 2 hours sharp and Stu's solo was OK but I missed the Moonlight Sonata part he played at SF.
As for Joe's, I missed hearing Rubina, but since this show was to present the new album I guess some songs were "sacrified" :P. Summer song was once again true energy, and it was great to hear the new song Andalucia and those great progressions (Was that Spanish Phrygian?). It sounded awesome! All and all, it was incredible and I have become a true Satch's fan. Any chance of getting private lessons? :-D
Thanks for your playing!