show review
(Ulrich Scholtze)
Sun Jun 01 '08
Munich, , DE
Rank: 1 Posted: Fri Jun 06, '08 6:02 am

[u]A sad Event

I experienced Satriani + friends on Sunday, June 1, at the "Backstage" hall. I was in an excellent mood and hoped for a glimpse of a guitarist I consider one of the best of our time. But the event was a total misfit of his and the groups ability:
Everything organizational which can fail did fail:

Entrance: 1 opening of about 70cm and around 4-5 people per minute entering (total number in the 1000 range) area use: there were vast areas around the hall existent, but not accessible for relaxed drinking and eating before the show: Instead people were confined to crowded spaces. drink + food distribution: totally incompetent for slowness and apparent disinterest in making money (sounds nice but wasn't) size of the hall: much too small; first space without physical people contact around 30 m away from the stage height of the stage: definitely too low temperature inside and even near hall openings: over 30 degree (Celsius) with high humidity (yes, it was warm outside, but very comfortable so) "air conditioning": only some air ducts with dubious purpose existent. I noticed 1 spot inside the hall around 5 m from one entrance where warm air was expelled into the hall. [u]At that moment I was glad that the manager for that place was not in the vicinity.

If you think I should have been focussed on the music and not on some minor inconveniences, I tried. But in a congenial spirit to the management quality mentioned, the acoustics was horrible: The usual (from CD/DVD) discernible woven and very differentiated sound pictures were a mushy mixture of sounds. I moved a bit around but it didn't become better. Maybe it was in the impenetrable areas nearer to the stage but I couldn't check. As we are not masochists we left after around 30 minutes of the satriani performance with devastated hopes for an enjoyable if not history breaking evening.
My conclusion: I am looking forward for the next Satriani performance in an well selected musical environment (why not philharmony?).
My recommendation to the musicians: Demand more from whoever is responsible for this ill fitted environment

P.S. The ranking is for the event, not for Joe's + friends musical quality

(Marian Ay)
Sun Jun 01 '08
Munich, , DE
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Jun 06, '08 1:42 am

It was an outstanding show, with many amazing song, which i did not expect joe to play. We had the best places and could see all over the venue. Joe´s mood was great and the whole band did an amazing show! But i would like joe to play a few songs from crystal planet, strange beutiful music and/or is there love in space albums-> for me they are the best. It was the second time now, that i have seen joe and sure as the amen in church, it will not be the last! Great audience, great show!

Keep on rocking...

(Andreas Hammer)
Sun Jun 01 '08
Munich, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Jun 03, '08 11:13 am
Loved the meet and greet session, concert was just amazing. Rock on Joe!!!

(Omar Fakhr)
Sun Jun 01 '08
Munich, , DE
Rank: 6 Posted: Mon Jun 02, '08 8:00 am

Well, I am really confused of what to say.

As a Satriani fan, I think he is amazing. I have been in three concerts so far, and I watch his DVDs over and over again. Know every note in his songs, as the other fans probably do. "And his last album is wonderful, although many concert attendies disagreed"

But the concert, was not perfect. The problem is: All of Joes concerts are the same. So this time was the same as last times. The Backstage theater was very hot that day, so I think not only we were effected, but the band also. And the sound engineer also, who took off his shirt during the concert. (Not very appetiting, if I might say). In any case, I did not like the acoustics in the hall. There was to much reverb, where i was standing, which made its effect on fast tracks remarkable. Slow tracks like Crying, or Always with me, sounded really good. The rythym beginning of Revelation for example, did not sound as good. The chords notes sounded like a mesh.

Second thing that I did not like, was that one could hardly hear Rythym and Bass guitar. Galen, is an amazing Rythym guitar player, he has a real groove, and he makes a wonderful aura into the scene. So it was a pity not to hear him most of the times. There are wondeful bass lines in SUMMER SONG for example, but I could not hear them (and then starting singing them in my mind). So I felt something was missing.

Stu's interpretation of Led Zeppelin's GOING TO CALIFORNIA is amazing. He is a wonderful bass player and I have seen him live a couple of times. He will remain to amaze me.

The best part in the concert was when Joe was improvizing blues with Stu. At the time Jeff had difficulties with the drums. Maybe the solo was intended, or they just did it to repair the problems. But the sound was slow blues and a wonderful interaction between Joe and Stu. Also very nice was the solo after Always with me.

I think that is what Satch has to increase in his concerts. We all know how wonderful he plays, but his jamming abilities are amazing. I still find that he is the best in the G3 Jamming sessions. Making improvised music makes the show special. So I think, he should increase that more.

One of the things that came across my mind was, that the band is travelling every day, make sound checks, and then do a concert. Joe does also a lot of extra stuff for the fans. I believe that he, and the band are getting tired after a few months of touring, which might affect their playing. I don't know, but Stu looked very tired.

And I always wonder, if we like Joe that much, why do we always try to get his signatures, also after the concert, when he certainly needs a good night's sleep. But it is amazing how he manages to keep a smile.

Nevertheless, Joe is great and the band is amazing. And also the technicians do a wonderful job.

The_Tank Sun Jun 01 '08
Munich, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Jun 02, '08 7:11 am

Club Joe Meeting was a blast and Joe gave very interesting insight into some music theory questions (thanks to Mohammed for asking them) and how composing happens. Also neat trick how to write up music ideas with relative pitch.

Then came the show. The warmup was already a blast and when Joe started out with I just wanna rock, well it just ROCKED. Although it was very very hot at the venue and you could see the bands clothes were soaked with sweat, they did not hesitate to rock to the limit. It was really amazing and they kept going and going. This was no cheap we play for 90min gig, they played way over 2 hours. And not only Joe was in a rocking form and kicked ass, but also the rest of the band just kicked it. Jeff, although he seemed to have some techical problem with the drums, kicked so hard you could feel every single hit in your guts and Galen really is quite underrated, he put on a great show. And of course Stuuuuuuuuu, his solo was as amazing as ever and boy can he play.

Extremely cool show. Thanks for putting on such a show even under those sweaty conditions.

(Dietmar Graminger)
Sun Jun 01 '08
Munich, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Jun 02, '08 4:55 am
Must admit this was a perfect show - actually my first JS concert and I am sure not the last.