show review
slugs Fri May 30 '08
Nurnberg, , DE
Rank: 7 Posted: Mon Jun 30, '08 2:34 am

Well, the concert was great. No Question! The atmosphere and the light show were fantastic. Joe was as expected in excellent form. I also loved Stu. It was my first time seeing him live. (on the last Satch concert, delarue played the bass) And his bass-solo nearly moved me to tears! I was a bit disappointed, that Campitelli did not play a real solo.

But I did not really like the sound. It was just too loud (err... No! Satch was tooooo loud) which means you hardly could hear the melody lines from Joe. I know all Satch songs by heart, so I could imagine, what he was playing. But I nearly heard the melody more by memory and not by my ears. Of course, Satch is the main person on stage but that does not mean, that he must be so loud, that you can't hear Stu or Galen. Galen, on my opinion, is just a stage decoration. You never hear him (ok, you heard him when Satch stopped playing on Out Of The Sunrise, when Galen had his "Rhythm Solo").

I dont want to say, that Galen is not necassary. (though Satch sounded great, when he had just a drummer and a bassist on stage) But the accent is too strong on Satch. It should sound like a band. Not like a solo guitarist cranking up his amp.

Nevertheless, Joe, I will be there when you are the next time in Germany! You are fantastic :)

FuzzyM Fri May 30 '08
Nurnberg, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Jun 02, '08 7:17 am
Again another great and incredible gig and it seems that Jo's getting better and better the last 18 years when I see him first ;-)