show review
(Aurélien GEISS)
Thu May 29 '08
Filharmonie Filderstadt
Stuttgart, , DE
Rank: 8 Posted: Fri Jun 06, '08 1:37 pm

Awesome gig by Joe and the guys once again ! Yet 8 and not 10/10 coz I think there's still room for improvement... I would have loved to hear a few songs from "is there love in space" and "strange beautiful music". And I still hope to hear someday Joe play "engines of creation" live which to me is one of his best creations... Songs from "Satchafunkilus" are a blast played live, "Musterion" is a beauty, "out of the sunrise" brings a smile to faces in the audience. Really loved it. Thx Stu for the bass solo, as a bass player myself it went right through my ears and face and I nearly put my 5-string on ebay after that ;-P We can hear Galen's parts more than the previous tour, though I think he's got some more to give to the gig, he's a great help on "flying", "andalucia", and "out of the sunrise" among others. Jeff as good as usual :-) It was great to hear some songs not played live for a sometime (cryin', time machine, one big rush :-) )

I'll be back ! Thanx again I had such a great time and it was worth the 400 km drive from FRANCE :-)

See ya all soon \m/_ _\m/

(Andreas Plattner)
Thu May 29 '08
Filharmonie Filderstadt
Stuttgart, , DE
Rank: 9 Posted: Tue Jun 03, '08 8:07 am

You guys were really rockin Stuttgart. A perfect show, with each song performed at its best. Flying in a Blue Dream was by far the most accurate live version I've heard so far. Not to forget Stu's great solo. Did not expect Jeff and Galen to impress me that much, especially in the "Out Of The Sunrise". This is really one of my favorite albums because it has so many different moods. Loved the encore!

A 9 for the audience needs improvement ;)

Hope to see you in Stuttgart again

Stay that Satchafunkadelic!