show review
(darren mcveigh)
Sat May 24 '08
Mandela Hall
Belfast, , GB
Rank: Posted: Tue Jun 17, '08 11:07 am
joe satriani live belfast.24.5.08 what i can i say it took nearly 20 years for joe to come to belfast but what can i say that it was worth the wait.he opened with i just wanna rock then went into songs from flying in a blue dream, the extremist,the flawless time machine what an build up .the crowd welcomed joe so well i hope he will come back soon.this is the forth time seeing joe play live and he gets better.he also played overdriver musterion ,one big rush,flying in a blue dream,out off the sunrise,revelation,diddle-y-a-doo-dat it was awsome live ,ice nine went down a storm so did time machine.he played cryin.these song our not in order.the amazing surfing with the alien another crowd favourite.crowd chant the best yet.summersong was perfect to finish the gig with. joe please come back i hope with stu in the band what a solo.jeff was flawless and galen was on form.see you in london joe.cant wait roll on june 15th london guitar show .

(denz watson)
Sat May 24 '08
Mandela Hall
Belfast, , GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed May 28, '08 5:35 pm

hey joe,

this is my 1st reveiw i hav ever wrote on a artists website but i was so amazed an astounded by your Belfast gig that i had 2 leave 1!

4 years i hav just dossed around on guitar an my playin is limited but wen i seen ur show advertised i new i had 2 go a legend was comin 2 northern ireland something that i thought would never happen!it was exceptional i had already t live dvd an t crystal planet cd but wen i arived home all i wanted 2 do was learn solo material!so i thank u 4 giving me back a thirst!

an now i hear a possible g3 in ireland!!! :D

now t review

t support band! realli gd loved there cover of pink floyds wish u wer here!was realli gd!

t main event u!!awesome!life changin an unliike anyother gig i was not pushed crammed or punched thruout!!gd fans great act!! stu amazin ur rythm player amazin (yea im bad wit names!)ur drummer awesume! but u wer mind blowin!i thought most of ur effects wer manly just studio produced an some guitar parts would b added an overdubbed(4 dvd)but hey u pulled every effect wit no gimmicks! thats awesome!

also i thought it was great that it was such a small concert u played!!

deffenate 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Mark Downie)
Sat May 24 '08
Mandela Hall
Belfast, , GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun May 25, '08 2:55 pm

This show is worth 11/10 at the very least!! AWESOME!! I've seen Joe 7 times now and this was the best!! Don't get me wrong, every show I've been to has been 10/10 but the crowd and atmosphere in Belfast was the best I've ever seen.

Was at the Meet and Greet before the show too and it was a much better format than 2 years ago. 40min Q&A session followed by photo's and signing. It definately is the ultimate experience for any Joe Satriani fan

Check out the vids I took at


P.S. Just to clear this up....I've seen people mentioning Love Thing in more than one UK review. Joe is not playing Love Thing on this tour. Seems like a lot of people are getting 'Revelation' mixed up with it

Oh, and one more thing.....there's a DVD being filmed in Paris next week!!

Sat May 24 '08
Mandela Hall
Belfast, , GB
Rank: 8 Posted: Sun May 25, '08 12:03 pm
All i'm gonna say is that One Big Rush was immense!

Sat May 24 '08
Mandela Hall
Belfast, , GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun May 25, '08 11:52 am

Great gig - surprisingly great sound for the Mandela Hall which is known for its poor acoustics. (Sounds better on the balcony than the floor)

Joe was note perfect as usual and his interactiion with the audience was surperb. I enjioyed this gig much more than all the Vai gigs I've been to.

I wasn't impressed with the support band - Thought the vocalist was poor, however I was impressed with some of their blues riffs. Not bad for a pub band, but I suppose it was a real relief when they finished and Joe entered the stage.

Set List as much as I can remember (Not in order):

Flying in a blue dream, Surfin' with the Alien, Satch Boogie, Love Thing, The Extremist, Time machine, Cryin', Always with me Always with you, Ice Nine, Overdriver, Diddle Y A Doo Dat, Cool 9, One big rush, Out of the sunrise, Ghosts, Revelation, Stu Ham Bass Solo, Crowd Chant, Summer Song.

By far, the best Gig of the year, brilliant!

norny Sat May 24 '08
Mandela Hall
Belfast, , GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun May 25, '08 9:24 am
Great to finally see Joe and his band in the flesh. The atmosphere was great and Joe put on a brilliant show. He played songs from most of his cds(although he missed out Strange Beautiful of my favourites) and the band seemed to be very relaxed and in top form. Right from the start,I just wanna rock give him a good rapport with the audience which continued right through the night and he had the perfect ending with Summer song. Hope to see him back in Belfast again soon ,maybe in a bigger venue next time. Cheers..

jbwebb Sat May 24 '08
Mandela Hall
Belfast, , GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun May 25, '08 2:30 am

First time I've got to see Joe & the guys play live and it was in a different league to any other concert I've been to. The Mandela Hall is pretty small so the atmosphere was very intimate. The sound quality was probably the best I've heard at a concert and the musicianship just incredible. Jeff Campitelli, Stu Hamm & Galen Henson really are a dream team backing band. I've only seen Joe's live shows on DVD, so standing about 15 feet away from him watching him play is something I'll remember for a long time. Getting to see Stu Hamm as well was the icing on the cake. He did a superb solo that went down very well with him improvising over the crowd singing the Ole! Ole! Ole! chant.

The support act was Ned Evett and they warmed the crowd up nicely. Ned's fretless guitar playing is certainly worth checking out.

Joe apologised for taking so long to get to Belfast, let's hope they're back again soon.