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Jammy Joe
(James Joseph)
Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Oct 17, '08 10:54 am
It was absolutely awsome!!! it was my first concert but I was still blown away!!

antoneath Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed May 28, '08 12:03 pm

Hi. This is the first time i've ever seen Joe perform live. I went with my girlfriend and we got to the show late so the guys let us in for half price and I also got fantastic seats in the stalls.

I saw the show from around the one 'one big rush' point so I don't know how much we missed but it was just awesome what I heard and saw ... and at the end during the encore, my girlfriend caught one of Joe's guitar picks .. Bonus!! I was the one with the yellow Brazil T-shirt with a picture of 'Zico' on it.

Stu Hamm and Jeff were great too, as was Galen.

The thing I thought which was great about Joe was that he's so loose and free with the guitar ... and can improvise!! Great!!

Hope to see you again soon Joe.

Antony :0)

(Lol Mettam)
Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 8 Posted: Wed May 28, '08 7:40 am

First off, it was a great show! This was my seventh Joe show in the last 15 or so years.

Like one of the other reviewers, I travelled up from the Westcountry to see Joe at St. David's Hall. I chose Cardiff over Bristol because I had seen Joe and gang there last time around and the sound was superb - best concert sound I had experienced in a long time. This time I had 'better' seats in that I was closer to the action (6 rows back, dead centre) but the sound was very muddy in the bass for both Paul and Joe.

Whilst the sound definitely improved for Joe's set, I think this may be a problem with being lower down near the stage. Last time I was higher up and to the right of the stage. I also felt that the sound guy didn't help by pushing the levels as the show went on. Yeah, I know it's a rock concert but a Joe show has never been about volume - after all, it's not Spinal Tap! In this day and age quality of sound should be a priority. Get that right and then watch that it doesn't deteriorate as the volume is pumped up. Still, I expect the sound desk guy did his best and I'm pretty certain that location within the hall makes a big difference. Bass is generally a lot less directional than treble but I expect that being on the balcony would have reduced the level of bass significantly.

Sound issues aside, the performances were stellar. I actually enjoyed IJWR as the show opener! It worked perfectly for this 'purpose'. Ha! Now, if it had just been left off the CD and only used for live shows and Ghost had been included on the CD instead, I wouldn't have to press the skip-track button every time I played PSATMOR!{br]

Compared to previous tours I did feel that the set-list could have been a bit more dynamic; it was pretty full-on for most of the show barring Cryin' and Always. Dropping Andalucia (although the intro was a treat) and Super Colostomy and including songs like Starry Night and Rubina would have helped (for me anyway). Although I love Joe's playing I do get a bit fed-up with too much widdly-diddly stuff which kind of happened during Andalucia. For me it gets a bit 'samey'.

Highlights for me were Paul's duo with his wife on keys, Cryin', Time Machine (because I haven't heard Joe play them for ages) and, of the new material, Revelation. How awesome is that track live? Wow! It was also great to hear Joe play Always without slipping up! :o) Why is it 'always' the seemingly more straightforward songs that turn out to be so hard to get right? Anyway, brilliant version this time around. Stu's bass solos are always a treat and it was nice to see Geoff getting in some more involving drumming during Crowd Chant. Galen was solid throughout.

The atmosphere was great between tracks and for the encore (finally able to stand and rock out) but a little too still during the songs for my liking. It's really hard for me to sit still during what is, after all, some of my favourite music in the world. I'm afraid I had to groove along in my seat, so apologies to whoever was behind me!

All in all a fantastic night of music. I do think Joe is still improving as a performer. I've said this every time I've seen him play. He's like a fine wine that matures with age; I'll be happy to open a bottle of Satch any time he visits these shores.

P.S. Why Joe has yet to appear on Jules Holland's late night music show over here in the UK I just do not know? I've been expecting it to happen for the last fifteen years. Come on Joe's management. There's a golden opportunity when Joe is over here again for the London Guitar Show in June. My DVD recorder is waiting patiently (the VCR has been retired unfulfilled!).

(David Wren)
Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat May 24, '08 7:33 am

Hey Peeps......

Well What can I say,,,,,,, Yet again an amazing gig....... seats where dead centre right above the sound desk, frount row of tier 1 wow..... hey where very nice seats....... The sound was fantastic. and the the band and Joe Played Amazing..... Yet again.... I would say 3 down and 1 to go but I am righting this after the Nottingham show as well.... revied on that gig on the correct page.....

Got to chat with Joe after the gig again....... he is on fantastic guy....

Thank You once again to Joe and The Guys.....

Take Care, Dave x

(david sandham)
Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 8 Posted: Thu May 22, '08 5:52 am
awesome gig, great music, absolutely loved it, although surely you can get a better venue? because st davids hall although having great acoustics, sucks because of the seating, everyone seems to frightened to do anything, the maximum you can do without getting looked at is tapping your foot, i got funny looks for nodding my head in time with the music, i am sure you will get better reception (if possible) if it was a standing venue, that's jsut something for you to think about but anyway... thanks a million for a brilliant evening of music, yours david (P.S. please play "day at the beach" next time your in wales :D)

Mikeymoo Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue May 20, '08 8:38 am

In All honesty the show was phenomenal! Joe and the band were brilliant....not to mention Paul Gilbert, however from my position(stage right balcony) i could barely hear paul's guitar.

Stu's Solo was brilliant got the whole crowd going!

A brilliant set list in all fairness, though i would have liked them to have played Starry Night but a beautiful performance of cryin' definitely made up for this!

Me, My dad, aunt and Jac thomas my mate thoroughly enjoyed it....come back next year Joe please....Wales loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you make the Club Joe tickets available in Britain next time?

(Phil W...)
Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue May 20, '08 7:15 am

My last gig of the tour

I love the setup at St Davids Hall. I think it has great sound, but the stage and seating setup is cool as well.

PG and the band were just great again. Totally relaxed and in the groove, shame he doesn't get to play a little longer, but I'll take 45 mins. Bring him back next tour Joe, fits the bill perfectly

Joe, Jeff, Galen & Stu found a few more riffs & bits tonight. Same set list, but more different outro's and goofing about. Joe and Stu danced their asses off, I think they dig the sound at the hall too.

Security, without trying, managed to prevent the massive stage rush for the encore that occurred with the SC tour, everyone pretty much restraining themselves to the front row seat line.

I gave up my after show meet n greet for my parents. I shouldn't have really, my Mum & Joe is not a good mix LOL (patience of a saint that man!). They had a few treasured moments with Joe & Mick again.

I've already said it, but this tour has seen my favourite line up and best performances, so roll on next tour. I just hope it isn't another 2 years. Top drawer stuff!

(Alex Lewis)
Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 9 Posted: Tue May 20, '08 5:50 am

My second live Satch experience, and even better than the first!

As usual, Joe's work rate was out of this world and once again I was left in awe of his ability to play with such intensity, for so long, without letting up or missing a single note. The band as a whole was fantastic and I think Stu really brings something special to the group (and not just his amazing and highly entertaining solo!) The acoustics at St.David's are fantastic - way better than the CIA.

I'll always be left wanting to hear more of the older stuff because I never had an opportinty to see Joe live until recently, but the set list included a great mix of old and new to please everyone. Highlights for me included a flawless Cryin', stunning Time Machine and One Big Rush!

(The only reason I've given the show a 9 is that Joe wouldn't agree with a 10. Someone asked him what his best album was, and he answered 'I haven't made it yet!')

A sincere thanks to Joe for meeting with us before the show and answering everyone's questions so thoroughly. It was a great insight into a true genius and a very memorable experience. How many other 'stars' are willing to give so much of themselves to their fans? Perhaps the only bad thing is that my beloved gold JS2000 can no longer be played now Joe has signed it!!

Already looking forward to Joe's next visit! Now I'm off to give Time Machine it's first play in ages...

(Michael Jennings)
Mon May 19 '08
Cardiff St. David's Hall
Cardiff, Wales, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue May 20, '08 5:13 am


Third time ive been to see satch live now, second time in cardiff, I made the trip up from sunny devon in southwest england and can I say you guys in cardiff are the best, friendliest bunch of people ive met.

Great start to the show by paul, great set, awesome to hear songs like scarified, new album is wicked, looking forward to seeing you guys again.

Then when Joe and the guys hit the stage, I was blown away once again, Great set list, awesome to start off with "I just wanna rock!!!".

These guys really give it 100% solid without any let ups, they just love to play, you certainly get you money worth and more.

It is such an intense show, the atmosphere was electric, it was a joy to watch masterpiece after masterpiece being played with such showman ship.

Was great to hear the old and new, and also songs I havent seen live at the shows ive been to, those being time machine, one big rush and cryin.

Joes playing was out of the world again, the guy gets better.

I was sat in the fourth row right opposite galen, everyone around us were really cool.

Stuuuuuuuu, bass solo was amazing, galen will never make a mistake, he is the most solid rythm player you will ever see, and Jeff, Hes the king.

I was happy to see everyone getting involved in crowd chant, great atmosphere, Summer song was a great finale as always.

You will not see a crowd as diverse as a satch crowd anywhere else, and its also the best crowd to be at a gig with.

Cant wait to see everyone again.

Best show ever.

Thanks guys.

I Just Wanna Rock!.