show review
(will laverty)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue May 27, '08 9:59 am

It's always a real pleasure seeing Joe play live and he has now helped me see three of my other guitar heroes live...Michael Schenker with G3, Steve Vai also with G3 and now the amazing Paul Gilbert, who I've listened to since his Racer X days. The highlight of the Paul Gilbert set was undeniably 'SCARIFIED' closely followed by 'CURSE OF CASTLE DRAGON' As usual his playing was faultless and technically mind-boggling. I was a bit dissapointed at the reception he got but I suspect that he wasn't as well known by the majority of the audience as he is to me. After a half-hour interval to set up the stage for Joe's set I still couln't wipe the smile from my face.

When the sound of Joe's guitar filled the arena from just offstage the place erupted and my smile grew impossibly wider. The mix of old and new songs was just about perfect and included most of my favourites with the notable exception being 'TIME', my all time fave. 'SATCH BOOGIE' brought the house down and rightly so! What would you give to have written a song like that. It's twenty years old and it hasn't aged a day. I'm a sucker for Joe's ballads, so to hear both 'ALWAYS WITH ME, ALWAYS WITH YOU' and 'CRYING' was an extra-special bonus. (Next time Joe...'LOVE THING' too please....!!!) Great to see Stu back and getting stewed. What happened to the football (or soccer) shirt you usually wear to a gig, Stu? His solos are great entertainment being both musically entertaining and comical. I can't wait for the next tour, especially if Paul Gilbert supports again. WHAT A FANTASTIC NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Graham Lawton)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun May 25, '08 1:13 pm

Ah, what can you say? Satch at his finest (as usual), Jeff enjoying battering the drums to within an inch of their lives, Galan playing really nicely as is normal, and the unstoppable Stu back on bass! Nothing less than a guaranteed winning combination!

Excellent set list on this tour. Some unexpected bonuses when we had so many old tracks mixed in with the new. Nice choices, and in the right order to listen to without wondering what hit you!

One of the definate highlights was seeing Stu back again, keep inviting him out to play Joe!

Enjoyed the light show this time, very well done and not 'over-the-top'. Where I was sat (left side, front stalls) the sound was good, you could hear all the instruments very well indeed.

Paul Gilbert was very good to listen to as well, not caught up wiuth him properly before, but I'm sure I'll be listening to him a lot more now.

Thanks for a great evening (although time passed to quickly). See you next time Satch!

Graham L

testas Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu May 22, '08 3:37 pm

I Loved this gig so much that it has taken me a week to comprehend what happened last thursday and I have only just been able to write this.

I got a platinum ticket and arrived at 4.30 excited at the prospect of meeting Joe again. We were collected by Jon Iverson who ran the last platinum experience two years before. ( Did an awesome Job again!)

We went to the bar area to wait for Joe. As ever when he arrived he was extremely talkative and answered all questions - it was great! We all queued up to have out items signed. Joe signed a picture of myself and Joe from the last platinum experience and we chatted about how bad the flights were in April and he asked me if I had my guitar fixed after the last time. It was great that he remembered.

Joe left after the signing items. Everyone waited patiently to get a guitar pick. I thanked John for his time and he invited us (my friend was there as well) to watch the encore of the gig from the side off the stage. WOW!!!

We watched the gig, in the early part of the gig I was talking to Stuart Hamm while he was gigging. I couldn't believe it! He was asking me if it sounded OK . I put the thumbs up and he threw a plectrum from the middle of the stage! It was a perfect shot! but it went straight through my hands.

SO STU.....If you are reading this, that was an immense aim! that has to be a world record!!!

The gig was immense - I never get board of watching Joe or the band and it must be my seventh viewing.

we then made our way to the side of the stage for crowd chant. I was physically shaking. A rack of Joe's guitar's to my right and Mike (Manning) prepping Joe's guitars! I was Flying in a blue dream!

Then Summer song came, It was amazing. We could only see the back of Joe's head. Although when he came to the back of the stage he spotted us and came up to us while he was playing Summer Song and Shouted " are you having a great time!" yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

the gig finished and we were escorted to the stage exit. we thanked John and everyone for a wonderful day

May 15th 2008 will be a day that I will take to my grave!

And I have to thank Joe and his crew for that wonderful perfect day

I feel so priviledged


(Alan Jones)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat May 17, '08 11:59 am

I have now seen one of Joe’s shows every time he has been in the UK since 1995, And I have always looked forward to being completely awestruck at the talent this man displays, This event was extra special for me as I took the opportunity to buy the ‘Club Joe’ premium ticket, and to have the opportunity to shake the hand of someone who has given me so much pleasure over the years was a treat I didn’t want to miss.

I have to say that when myself and the other ‘Club Joe’ members were introduced to Joe, I was impressed by how easy going Joe appeared and how attentive to people he was, He seemed a genuine nice bloke, who appeared to me as a humble guy who was pleased that he was appreciated for his chosen art form.

I always maintain that hard work and effort should be rewarded so I was happy to introduce Joe to another really good guitarist, by donating Eltjo Haselhoff's latest CD to Joe.. ( check out his website )

The show was fantastic as usual and Paul Gilbert was a superb introduction (I had not heard any of his work previously – but I will look out for him in the future) Joe’s set showcased a nice mix of old and new material with everyone in the band displaying their ability with enthusiasm, which spilled out over the audience. and it was much better when everyone stood up during the finale, Great work guys come back soon, And I hope you enjoy the Midget Gems! - Alan ( Jonesy )

(David Wren)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: Posted: Sat May 17, '08 5:22 am

Wow..... Earth to Dave Wren..... Come In Dave Wren..... "No"

Well what can I say What a night the Manchester show was.... Paul G Played Fantastic as he did in Birmingham..... As for Joe....WOW... that was my 8th Joe show and that was the best I have ever seen him play....... He was on Fire.... It was a fantastic atmospher..... the crowd where up at times.... we certinley gave Joe a warm welcome and rightfully so......

The Meet and Greet was grate..... We asked Joe a load of questions, had our pics took with him, had a bit of a one on one chat with him,

He signed my Tattoo, which I am having done today.... which I get to show Joe in Cardiff or Nottingham.......

It was just an Anamazing night...... 2 down 2 to go......

To Joe and the Guys....... THANK YOU......

Dave x

(Mike Boardman)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 8 Posted: Fri May 16, '08 10:12 am

Paul Gilbert was fantastic. Nice to see him with such a simplistic set-up. Scarified was the highlight for me, probably because I've struggled for months to get those end arps up to speed.

But it was Satch who I came to see..

Overall I'd say it was a solid performance. The addition of Stu Hamm always seems to bring out the rockier side in Satch's playing. Stu is also more of an adventurous player than some of the other bass players so I always think the concerts are more entertaining with Stu around.

Satch's guitar tone was the best I've heard it - esp his neck pickup. He reduced his delay times/volume by a bit so his guitar was quite a bit dryer than normal. I was waiting for him to bring out the JS20th Surfing guitar but it seems Ibanez haven't built anything but the proto yet.

I've got to admit I prefer the older stuff to his newer stuff so hearing Time Machine and One Big Rush was fantastic. There's so many great tracks in Satch's catalogue that it is a shame that there's only space for one or two of his more obscure tunes. I suppose it's a difficult balance for Satch to get right but I've probably heard Always, Summer Song, Flying, Satch Boogie, Surfing as many times as I've seen Satch - so seven or eight times. The crowd obviously love this stuff though so what do I know?!

Here's to next time....

(Donny Sung)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri May 16, '08 5:58 am

This is the 4th time I have seen Joe play. His performance last night was fantastic. I was looking forward to seeing Paul Gilbert play since I haven't heard him live before. He didn't disappoint. His music may not be amongst my acquired taste nonetheless he was very entertaining. I'll try and catch him live again.

As for Satch, I thought his playing was exceptional. He was in top form. I sat quite far at the back of the venue this time around. I could hear the sweet full tone of the guitar. I was looking forward hearing Satch play his new songs. The opening, I just wanna rock was a perfect fit. In addition, the introduction of the screen animation being more prominant made the difference to the concert. The set was well thought out mixing old and new songs.

The return of Stu Hamm was most welcomed. His solo performace was breath taking. I enjoyed his rendition of Zeppelins' Going to California.

Although the 4th, it certainly won't be the last. Perhaps G3 lineup next time around.? Here's hoping.

(Richard Griffiths)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri May 16, '08 5:11 am

It was my first Satch live show too, so a long held ambition finally fulfilled. It won't be my last tho.

Paul Gilbert rocked - the best support act I've heard for a long time...but it's so hard to compare to the master. In fact I saw Devil Slingshot recently (Tony Macalpine and Billy Sheehan) who were incredible, but Joe combines lightening fast runs with amazing feel and musicality so he wins hands down.

His recordings sound great but its hard to believe he can produce it slick, melodic, accurate (not a bum note all night) and downright incredible. Hard to choose a highlight - there were so many great songs but Ice 9, Andalusia, Always and Revelation stood out.

Shame the Apollo is all could tell the crowd wanted to be on their feet. After all - I JUST WANNA ROCK!

(Adam Chapman)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri May 16, '08 5:11 am

This was a fantastic show, I had seen Satriani twice before in this venue and due to his usually similar set lists I considered giving this one a miss. however when I found out Paul Gilbert was supporting i simply had to go (i saw gilbert in leeds last june and it was phenomenal)

Paul Gilbert was stunning, very good sound mix for a support act! the band were on top form and they played some great songs. although I was hoping for 'my religion' or 'space ship one', it was an energetic set list nonetheless.

Satriani, yes he played the same 6 or 7 songs he plays at every single show but there were some nice changes such as one big rush and time machine. the new tracks worked really well in a live situation, mostly thanks to jeff campitelli and stu hamm driving the rhythms.

a great show

and yes, i was one of the annoying losers in the white t shirt that got a wave from satch whilst irritating everyone sat behind me


George Yiakoumi
(George Yiakoumi)
Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri May 16, '08 4:24 am

This was the first time I have ever attended a Joe Satriani show and my god it wont be the last.

The show was absolutely amazing. it blew me away. I loved Paul Gilbert's show! I thought Stu's bass solo was out of this world! Jeff was incredible as was Galan ...and Joe, you were alien as always!

The set-list was awesome, I loved Cryin' and Time Machine

Thanks for a great night and I hope to meet you again in the near future!

All the best for the rest of the tour!

George x

andyrock Thu May 15 '08
Manchester Apollo
Manchester, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri May 16, '08 3:14 am

Joe was on top form last night, a fantastic mix of new tracks and old favourites; not to mention the welcome return of Mr Stu Hamm. For all us Joe fans, and in my honest opinion this was the best gig I've seen him do, everybody on stage looked as if they were having as good a time as the fans. If you haven't got a ticket for this tour, get a move will not be disappointed.

Andrew Rock