show review
(chris chris)
Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 6 Posted: Fri May 23, '08 2:25 am

Despite being a relitivly unenthusiastic fan about his new album, the songs he played off it, sounded great live, i really enjoyed that aspect of the show. it was great seeing stu's bass solo also, not to mention gilbert being the supporting act! joe has a great stage presence and is a great performer, however, there was unfortunelty, a side to this show that i personally found rather dissapointing.

As this was my 2nd time seeing joe (previously on the super collosal tour), i was well aware that the song list for this gig was going to have structure of pretty much 50/50 (new songs and classics). howerver, i was dissapointed by the fact of how similar the song list from this gig was to the previous time i had seen him. for me, it was the same gig as before, however, he had just replaced "red shift riders" with "revealtion" or "a cool new way" with "overdriver". the structure was similar an nearly all the classics he played were the same. dont get me wrong though, he did play some differnt classics, such as time machine, crying and one big rush, which, with very little doubt, were the highlights of the show for me. however, as much i hate to say it, i did find myself bored within the songs that i had already seen b4. for me, when he started playing for example, ice 9, i was like "cool, great song", but was almost looking forward to the song ending so that i could hear him play a diffeernt classic that i hadnt seen b4. this being dissapointing, as i had expected him to play different classic songs............. but them hardely ever happening.

for me, i enjoy buying joes dvd's of his concerts, however, the dvd for this gig will certainly not be a buy for me, as it contains nothing that i havnt already seen b4 on the "sanfransico" or "super collasal" dvd's.

if this is your first time seeing joe, i can ensure you, that u will enjoy this tour. at the end of the day, joe probably has to play the songs demeanded by us lot, e.g satch boogie, surfing with the alien, and all that lot, however, for me, i want something differnt in terms of the classics he plays.

.......shame to see no songs off crysal planet, but maybe next time!

correctone Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon May 19, '08 4:44 am
Great show! Almost never made it, but got last minute ticket. Seeing Joe live made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!! Venue fantastic and the sound was perfect. Thanks for a great nite.

Rocklens Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat May 17, '08 10:57 pm
Some photos of Joe's superb performance at Birmingham Symphony Hall are available to view at - just scroll down the gallery section. You'll also see some of Paul Gilbert. Great show Joe, look forward to photographing you at London Guitar Show!

(Tim Russell)
Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 9 Posted: Thu May 15, '08 2:57 pm

4th time I've seen Joe now, and his shows are just getting better and better with every passing year.

Had the indescribable privaledge to meet him before the show. The whole atmosphere was so comfortable - Joe was answering questions with the upmost ease and care and he never came across as cocky or lazy in the slightest. A true down to earth, normal and extremely friendly guy. Had some posters signed and a good chat about his new album, before a quick piccie and a handshake.

The previous years I've seen his gigs from the back rows, but this year I was right at the front, and it was almost as if I was in a dream. Paul Gilbert put on an awesome opener, and although I don't know any of his songs, the experience was terrific none the less.

Joe's set was, unsurprisingly, incredible. Even more so with the welcomed addition of Stu Ham. Joe played a few tracks off the new record to ease us in first, then as the set progressed some of the golden oldies came out, and by god they were fantastic. Surfing with the alien, Flying in a blue dream, he even played Time machine. TIME MACHINE! my all time favourite Satch tune played a meter away from my ears - a memory that will last a lifetime I'm sure.

The crowd were puzzling to say the least. For 2 thirds of the show, thy responded with merely shallow claps, which felt like I was hearing the half arsed applause from a children's nativity play. Then at the encore everyone got off their seats and started to react and "rock out" which really made the show that much more awesome. Crowd Chant was sung along to with deafaning precision. It's a shame the whole gig didn't have the same vibrancy from the crowd the whole way through.

Stu Ham played his signature bass solo, which was a real treat to hear live - I had only seen it on DVD. He really looked to be enjoying all the attention.

After the show, I had the privilege to meet Joe again which, as expected, was a real pleasure and felt a lot more personal as there was only a handful of people present. Jeff Campitelli came along after ten minutes, and he was equally just as friendly and a joy to chat to as Joe.

Arrived home in London at 3 AM with the echoes of the show still ringing in my ears. Just an incredible day.

Many thanks to Joe and the band, and the club Joe organisers for a truly brilliant experience! See you next year!


(Gary Sims)
Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed May 14, '08 3:25 pm

What a night!!

Where do I begin?

Well, I arrived early as I was part of the Club Joe meet and Great.

After waiting around by the box office for a while, John Iverson walked down the steps and asked us to follow him up to an area he had prepared. He handed out tickets and the Club Joe VIP Laminates. John sat us down, handed out the Joe pictures that we would get signed and explained what would happen.

Then someone said, “He’s here”, I turned round and there was Joe walking towards us – I couldn’t believe it – there was Joe Satriani walking straight in front of me!!

Joe sat down and there was silence we were all tongue tied not being able to get our questions out – I completely forgot all mine!

So the questions started - and what an ace bloke – Joe come out with such superb answers, he answered all questions fully and came across as a completely down to earth Guy with no edge what so ever, I just can’t praise him enough.

Anyway, then it was time for the autographs and photos, and who was up first? ME! I was stuck for words, here I was talking one on one with Joe having my album covers signed a picture exclusively signed for me, standing next to him having my picture taken – it felt unreal.

Then it was all over – the quickest hour (and 15 mins ish) in my life.

But the good news was it wasn’t all over – there was the show – and what a show!

I think if we were in another venue where the seating arrangement was different or no seating at all “I just Wanna Rock” would have gone better, other than that what a blistering performance from Joe along with a more complex show than I’d seen before.

Jeff was there in a world of his own with his cans on, Stu was bouncing about – and what a sole – we solute you and Galen with his never ending smile adding his style to the show.

So a big thanks to John for organising things (can’t wait for the pics), Joe, Jeff, Stu, Galen and Mrs – Sharon, for buying me the Platinum ticket for Christmas.

Think I’ve said enough? Don’t you? – I could babble on for ages about this truly excellent night,

Thanks again

Gazzer (AKA Dexley)

pete j
(pete jackson)
Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: Posted: Wed May 14, '08 2:39 pm
Anybody got Joe;s set list. Going to see him at Notingham, next Wednesday. Thnks Petej

(Mick Blizzard)
Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue May 13, '08 6:01 pm
Thanks Joe, you did it again. And long may you do it :)

(Adam Chapman)
Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: Posted: Tue May 13, '08 2:44 pm
what songs did paul gilbert play? i am seeing them on thursday in manchester

Robin Petrucci
(Robin Petrucci)
Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue May 13, '08 12:25 pm

Fifth time of seeing Joe and what a night.

Personal opinion, but for me, I Just Wanna Rock is too weak as a show opener. But after that, brilliant. Although I didn't think the sound was as good this time as in 06. A shame given that the SH has the best acoustics in Europe.

I loved One Big Rush and Crying. Revelation and Out of the Sunshine, off the new album were also highlights as was the epic version of Always......

Joe seems to get better and better on every tour

And how great to see Stu back. Somehow, the last 2 tours weren't quite the same without him. A four string Satch. Or should that be the other way round.

Would have given this 12 out of 10 but he loses two marks. One for still not playing If I Could Fly and the other because I guess he won't be around again for another two long years.

As ever, it was and is a privilege to watch Joe at work. He is a genius and we count ourselves fortunate to have seen him.

Thanks for a briliant night Joe. You are Simply the BEST.

Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue May 13, '08 10:16 am

Joe and the band Hit Birmingham last night. The word Awesome is used quite alot these days but what we saw last night was right up there with the best. It was AWESOME and more. If you have not got a ticket for a show, Beg,steal,go on bended knees because this show is worth it. Can this man play any better.

Thanks to Joe and the band and all the backroom staff for a wonderful night.

(David Wren)
Mon May 12 '08
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Birmingham, England, GB
Rank: 9 Posted: Tue May 13, '08 9:57 am

Hey, Hey, Hey,

What can I say, what a show....... A Big, BIG Thank You to Joe and the Guys foe such fantastic set list....... I travelled down from Manchester to see the show, it was a lovly day a nice train ride down, and a nice room at the travel lodge 2 mins walk from the venue. We got there, had checked in and was sat eating dinner with a beer over the troad from the venue watching there guys go in and out of the stage door by about 3 in the afternoon...... In the blisstering sun we sat outside by the river with a beer.... Back to the room for a shower on came the Satch T-Shirt and off we went.... Birmingham Symphony Hall is a wonder place, we sat in the bar for about an hour watching people show up... waiting at the doors..... Then it was time..... We found our seats...... Booked late so we where high up in the Grand Tier...... But what a view....... On came Paul G.... Fantastic start to the night......... Then came the man himself.... And What a Show...... It was Awsome...... What a setlist.........

I give Joe 10 out of 10 for the show. The only reason for the 9 is becase of my high/faraway seat where the sound was not its best, and that Crushing Day has been droped for the Europe section of the tour....... I will tak that back if I hear it at the next Shows.......

Manchester Next.... Thursday Baby Yeah.... Yeah... YEAH......... Will be there for the Priemium Package......

Thank You Joe, And The Guys For a Fantasic First Show. See you Thusday.

Take It Easy, Dave x