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dandaman Sat Aug 18 '07
Hyde Street Studios
San Francisco, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Aug 22, '07 12:59 pm

It was about 7:40pm and I was first in line with several other winners when Mick Brigden, Joe's longtime manager, opened the door. I guess he didn't like the idea of us having to wait outside in one of the worst parts of San Francisco, so he let us in early and we waited in a hallway of the studio, chatting about Rush, Dream Theater, Steve Vai and of course Joe! Joe, Jeff, Dave and Galen were rehearsing nearby but we couldn't see anything. Soon enough, Mick returned and we eventually were led upstairs to Studio C where the band's equipment was set up. There weren't enough chairs to accomodate all of us which was probably the only setback, but it didn't matter once Joe and the band made their grand entrance. After all, Joe and the band have to stand up, too, right?!

Joe claimed it was the strangest gig he's ever played and as always he was cordial and made all of his fans feel very welcome. He took time to talk in between songs, expanding on the liner notes of the new 20th Anniversary edition of SWTA and pointing out where Jeff was positioned and where various equipment was set up for each song as he recalled it from memory. We were asked by webmaster Jon Luini and Steven Seaweed of the Bone 107.7 to film "Crushing Day" with our cameras and upload it to YouTube (my 7 minute video is on YouTube - search for Crushing Day Hyde")

One of the evening's biggest highlights was seeing "Echo" finally performed like the album, especially with Galen picking the clean percussive rhythm chords and Jeff and Dave playing a tight 5/4 beat. The band went on to perform "Flying...", "Super Colossal", "Summer Song" and "Cool #9" before we met downstairs for autographs, photos and to receive our FREE commerative posters and t-shirts. Joe seemed very surprised to see an original issue of the SWTA tablature book in my hand. When I told him I was "still trying to learn the songs" he replied, "so am I."

Truly an awesome man, truly an awesome group of people, truly an awesome night! Thanks again for everything Joe!

aLPhajerk Sat Aug 18 '07
Hyde Street Studios
San Francisco, CA, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Sun Aug 19, '07 7:21 pm

**The following may be construed as rantings of a madman, so please take it all with a grain of salt. I am, after all, on drugs. Additionally, the assumption is that one or more of my opinions forthwith will offend the members of this board, and so, duly noted.


What an amazing, rare opportunity this was! Unlike most of you, I am not the world's biggest Satch fan, however I gotta admit that "SURFING" is a classic album which stands the test of time. I have genuinely loved this record for 20 years. Even listening to it today, it does sound to me as if it were recorded yesterday. To be able to witness the man RIP on the entire classic album in the very room that most of it was tracked, is untouchable! I've been in music retail for many years and have attended my fair share of "meet & greets," tiny showcases, intimate tour warmup shows etc. I cannot think of one other that compares to this night for its exclusivity, raw talent and sheer, head-bashing awesomeness. You will probably see pics soon, but just imagine a mid-sized recording studio room (about the size of your living room) with Satch & co set up on one side, and 3 rows of chairs set up literally 3 feet in front of the band. Standing room only behind that, but probably a max of 65 people in the entire room (including the band & film crew / studio techs). Think about the're not in an arena or club, but in a recording studio where there is sound-swallowing material on all surfaces including the ceiling. You hear nothing but amp. Fucking incredible sound, dude. Not your typical rock show...way more like a studio party. Also, between songs Joe would set up the next song by saying stuff like.."For this next one, I remember recording this, we had my cabinet right there where you are standing..."

The studios are ever-so-quaintly located in The Tenderloin, a San Francisco locale best known for its crack whore transvestites. Whilst smoking a cig outside before the event began, Myself and the Sony/BMG label rep were approached by a "woman" who asked if her lipstick looked good get her blowjobs. He didn't know what to say so I replied "they're just fine." Apparently the beginning of a long night for her as well as us Satch fans! I shit you not.

Props to THE BONE for ... Free Beer! (snacks too)

Forgive my blatant ignorance, but ... is it just me or does the extra guitarist look just like Spence on King of Queens? It was a little disconcerting seeing Spence rock so well.

My ears are still ringing.

Oh yeah, Joe Satriani is a real good guitar player.