show review
(john grimes)
Fri Jun 22 '07
Graspop Festival
Dessel, , BE
Rank: Posted: Sun Jun 24, '07 2:37 am
im just read the last post,,as im sitting here in london after flying here from ireland to see joe today at hyde park,, i got to be honest...i think thats a boring setlist...way too obvious but its a festival run,,so i guess thats what to be expected

(Kris Michiels)
Fri Jun 22 '07
Graspop Festival
Dessel, , BE
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 24, '07 12:08 pm
What a great show friday evening! Here's the Setlist:

Flying in a blue dream
Ice 9
Super Colossal
Satch Boogie
Always With you
Surfing With The Alien
Crowd Chant
Summer Song

No aftershow passes for the European Tour, well that was a bit sad but it got
compensated by this wonderful performance of the entire band!
Basically I did meet with Joe, Jeff, Dave and Galen, on an emotional level :
they have touched my heart once again and they 'SATCHED BOOGIED' all over me
and over the crowd, I still smell it .... Yihaa!!!
Before and during the gig I was on the first row, on the left side cause there's Joe's spot. ;)
So I did pay special attention to the sound check, Galen was just having a blast with the crew I think, and so was Mick, confusing everyone with a setlist, then five minutes before the start another setlist... LOL
And then, the faces. It was a Metal Meeting, but some never heard of Satch and the comments I heard were all like WOOW, mouths wide open, drewling included. I am so proud that I'm a fan...Rock on!
Thank you Joe, Jeff, Galen and Dave for passing through Belgium!

(Bryan Silwanicz)
Fri Jun 22 '07
Graspop Festival
Dessel, , BE
Rank: Posted: Sat Jun 23, '07 4:35 pm
Well how was the show????? Had to be as good as the ones here in the states....