show review
(Eduardo Melo)
Thu Jun 28 '07
Super Bock Super Rock Festival
Lisbon, , PT
Rank: 9 Posted:
Tue Apr 01 '08
1:02 pm
I am saving my 10th rank for April 30 in Lisbon. See you there

(Joćo Pereira)
Thu Jun 28 '07
Super Bock Super Rock Festival
Lisbon, , PT
Rank: 10 Posted:
Sat Jul 14 '07
12:21 pm

I have to give it a 10, as it was my first Satch gig! Although the crowd was eager for Metallica, Joe didn't let us - the people who were there also to listen to him - down. I gotta say, "War" as an intro was just amazing. Both Joe and the rest of the band were amazing. "Flying in a Blue Dream" sounded awesome. I just love that track, but listening to it live is quite an experience. Besides those two, the other highlight in the gig in my opinion was "Circles". Joe played it through and it really sounded great. "Crowd Chant", "Always with me, Always with You" and "Super Colossal" managed to drive a great feeling through the crowd, specially "Crowd Chant"!

In the end, I really loved it. Not only because it was a longtime dream to listen to Joe live, but also because it surpassed all expectations I had. The sound was great, as was Joe and the rest of the band. Dave's bass rules!!

Anyway, there were some issues due to the fact it was an outdoor festival. I surely hope Joe and the guys return to Portugal soon for a House show or something alike...and please don't make us wait for another 11 years =p . Anyway, I'll be there, no matter what;)