show review
(Timmons Tomlin)
Sat Mar 31 '07
House Of Blues
Myrtle Beach, SC, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Dec 28, '07 4:51 am

Got to catch Joe, Paul, and John in the House of Blues in Myrtly Beach. What a awesome show this was my first G3 Concert shows in person. I have all of the dvd and let me tell you the dvds do no justice to the electric performance that these three diid as one and then as all three together.

Timmons Tomlin Vidalia, Georgia

(John McCann)
Sat Mar 31 '07
House Of Blues
Myrtle Beach, SC, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 02, '07 1:21 pm

Brilliant playing by all the musicians on stage. DON"T MISS THIS SHOW.

Paul Gilbert was exceptional, and he rocked hard! Everyone in his band were in sync and dead on. I loved all the material he played from Get Out of My Yard ( Rusty Boat especially), and the Racer X material blew me away. Scarified is a song I was dying to hear, and they played it flawlessly. My girlfriend loved the fact that Paul brought his wife along, and so did I--she's killer on the keys!

John Petrucci is a guy I haven't listened to very much (I know--it's criminal), but I was well aware of his technical prowess. His set list is hard and heavy--and you really understand just how focused Petrucci is while watching him play the most difficult licks of the night. He's an athlete up there, and it's all serious business. Portnoy and Larue backed him up, and as a three piece they delivered an absolute wall of sound. Powerful stuff.

Joe Satriani was last of the three and ripped the roof off the place as usual. The set list was full of old favorites, with a couple of songs we don't get to hear very often. I loved One Big Rush live. I've seen Satch live quite a few times now, and every time his approach is fresh--his penchant for improvisation ensures you'll never see the same show.

I can't really express how incredible the jam was. It was really one of the most amazing musical experiences I've ever had. The ENERGY in the air was charged, with the interaction between the audience and the performers being a perfect example of the magic of a live show. G3 threw out brilliant riffs at every turn, and I really think it's impossible to designate a single forerunner.

Don't miss G3 if you're lucky enough to have it come nearby, and Joe, if you read these, SC loves you. Ya gotta come back sooner!!

Thanks, G3, for an amazing concert!