show review
(Dan Bennett)
Wed Apr 04 '07
Bell Centre
Montreal, , CA
Rank: 8 Posted: Sat Apr 05, '08 5:52 pm

Joe, you rule. I wasn't one of those crazy people who stayed at the Guitar Center for 5 hours to get a good spot, but now I regret it! I couldn't see $#!7! But anyways, to see Joe live in person was an experience you can't explain. To see a living legend on stage just being himself really was so out of this world. The new songs rock, and I love the CD! I didn't stay to get an autograph, only because I live about 2 hours away from the Guitar Center Joe played at, and traffic would have been hell if I stayed till the end. I listened to the new album twice on the way back. Something I'll remember from the show was how Joe said that when he practices, he never sits and plays scales, he plays along to old blues records.

Thank you Joe, you kicked ASS!

(play autumn leaves!)

ChickenBall Wed Apr 04 '07
Bell Centre
Montreal, , CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 30, '07 1:03 pm
Awesome live show! Satch played many of my favorites, especially One Big Rush and The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing. Petrucci rocked the house like I remembered from the Tokyo DVD, and Gilbert filled in for the wild energy that Vai usually provided. My first G3 ever, even got to meet and greet Joe backstage - an experience I'll never forget, and certainly not the last time I'll attend a G3!

CHARLESGEC Wed Apr 04 '07
Bell Centre
Montreal, , CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Apr 10, '07 9:23 pm
I was at last wednesdays show at Montreal, and it was great. Fantastic to watch true guitar greats from the 11th row. Joe of course was a thrill to see. He played his set exactly as you'd expect him to. Even on stage, he performs each of his classics with the same eloquence and wonderful musicianship as on his albums, and plays each note the way no one else can. And always makes it seem effortless. The show was pure entertainment and good vibes from start to finish. John Petrucci was awesome and demonstrated his utter mastery of the guitar. He really heightened the mood at the Bell Centre at halfway through the show during his set, delivering powerful wall to wall sounds, along with Dave Larue and Mike Portney. Paul Gilbert combined superb guitar slinging and a great sense of humour. The weather was lousy in Montreal that night, but the show really remedied that inside the Bell Centre.. Recommended seeing for everyone. Thanks alot guys for a wonderful time. Come back soon!!

(Greg Celtorius)
Wed Apr 04 '07
Bell Centre
Montreal, , CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Apr 06, '07 6:40 pm

Awesome show. All of his shows are...saw him 5 times in Montreal going back to 1991 and I always regret not attending one (hard to find people to go with).
Stood right in front of Joe at the stage and in front of his monitor. The sound was not too loud and super clear. Great mix.
I really wanted to hear his JSX head I have purchased one of my own. Joe's ULTRA channel on his JSX amp was a bit too distorted (sorry Joe). The best tone and overall sound was coming out of Paul Gilbert's Laney (sorry again Joe). I was shocked at how great that guy is. I wasn't interested in hearing him before the show and he now has a new fan. He's got those lanky 'Vai fingers'!
That freaky one handed riff in Potato really boggles my mind to this day. I have been playing for over 20 years and I can't seem to even get one of those notes to sound good. Watching you do it from 4 feet away just makes me more angrier! (LOL)
Petrucci's sound was too 'rack effected' but the guy smokes. Reminds me of my old ART SGE Mach II rack unit! Too processed.
But not to be too critical (as faults are near impossible to find at these shows)...all of these guys (including LaRue & Campitelli) don't mess up and know how and what to deliver. You are all too good and should be proud of all that you have accomplished over the years. It must be cool walking around knowing that you don't suck at anything musical! I am sad that you guys pull such low attendance and I hope to hell that Ibanez and Peavey (etc.) are paying your bills handsomely! You all deserve it wholeheartedly!
Thanks for the great memories from front row in Montreal!

P.S. Thank you for allowing people to watch from the rim of the stage and not hasseling anyone with cameras! We got some great shots that will be blown up and put up in our studio. You are REAL PEOPLE! Keep up your mission of true musicianship!