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drossy Tue Apr 03 '07
Capitole du Quebec
Quebec, , CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Apr 19, '07 12:10 pm
When would a set of professional’s such as these 3 NOT get 10 out of 10? Seriously was the best "guitar" extravaganza I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching/listening. Petrucci was on the upscale, had an incredible set and sound, Gilbert blew me away, I didn’t expect to hear such fantastic music and his band was super tight. Nobody does it better than Joe though, he was the highlight, I didn’t want it to end. Had to travel some distance for the show, even put the car in the ditch on the way there (Snowstorm). But it was all worth it. Fantastic job gentlemen. Can’t wait to see you again. You’ve gotta come to the Maritimes!

(François Gingras)
Tue Apr 03 '07
Capitole du Quebec
Quebec, , CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Apr 05, '07 2:07 pm

Here's a riddle for you all: what's better than a night with three of the most incredibly amazing guitar players ever?

Answer: nothing! It is simply the greatest thing ever! :O)

This was the first time I attended a show in this venue, and while the atmosphere was not as "spectacular" as it would be in the Bell Center for instance, I found the place to be very warm and to have fantastic sound. After getting my aftershow passes and a G3 shirt, I proceeded to the balcony where my seat was waiting for me. I usually don't like being far away from the stage, but the view was perfect.

Around 19:30, Mr. Gilbert and his band walked on the stage just like anybody would, kind of like Mr. Vai did on the G3 2003 tour. Then, with a bandmate as a human capo, Paul got us warmed and happy with a very nice Get out of my yard. He kept on playing one or two more songs from his solo album (which is great, I'll have to buy this very soon), and then moved on with some Racer X songs. I must admit I had never heard songs from this band before, but now that I have, I'll make sure I listen to a lot of their stuff as it rocks. Paul kept on playing pretty good songs until the end of his set.

Then came Petrucci. I already have had the chance of seeing a Dream Theater concert, so there was no big surprise here. Mike Portnoy was amazing as ever, literally stealing the show in my opinion. Larue was awesome as well; one of the songs had him in spotlight for a while and he showed us more than what we were expecting. John was really tight, and his songs were pretty good too (all the songs were from Suspended Animations. However, I had hoped for a better sound, but since I was wearing earplugs, it was probably just me.

Satriani. The man. This was my third time seeing Satch and he seems to be improving every time. Here's his complete setlist (I hope I made no mistake):

One Big Rush
Flying In a Blue Dream
Cool #9
Super Colossal
Satch Boogie
Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
Surfing With the Alien
Always With Me, Always with You

As excited as I was to hear War, Joe was apparently having problems, constanly waving at the sound guys, and Mike coming and going trying to fix things up. It was the same in One Big Rush, but still, Satch rocked a lot. Galen and Jeff were as cool as they could be, and Dave kept on giving us more than we thought he would, especially in the nice intro to Cool #9 Satch and him played. Just before the song, Joe explained us that he had monitor problems and that he couldn't hear much of the others playing, but everything got fixed up at that moment, and it showed a lot in Satch's playing! The sound was great. When they were about to finish Always with me, always with you, John, and then Paul walked on stage, extending the song with cool solos. They followed with Foxy Lady, Purple Haze, Going Down and Jumping Jack Flash. The jam was excellent!!! Sometimes, the volume wasn't right (for example, John's volume was up when Paul was soloing), but most of it was perfect.

Then, since I was lucky enough to win an aftershow pass, I waited for Joe to come and see us, which he did after maybe half an hour. He seemed relaxed and very cool! He kindly took the time to sign the stuff we brought, and took pictures, too. We got to talk to him a little, and I can say Joe is a very patient guy, since some of the people couldn't talk English very well! :O) He then proceeded to meet other fans, so we left, swearing to ourselves not to wash our right hand EVER! ;O)

Overall, wonderful show, don't miss this! Joe and the band, if you read this... THANK YOU! That was certainly one of the best nights of my life. Please come back again soon!

Tue Apr 03 '07
Capitole du Quebec
Quebec, , CA
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Apr 04, '07 8:47 pm

What a great night!!!!! Killer show... This was my first Satriani concert and it was amazing. Although he seemed pissed during the first three songs apparently caused by monitor problems, the sound was more than excellent. Oh! and by the way...It's 'Capitole DE Québec' , not 'Capitole DU Québec'...subtle difference but important..;)

Merci JOE!!!!