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ColossalBlueDream Mon Mar 19 '07
The Grove
Anaheim, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Mar 24, '07 12:46 pm

ColossalBlueDream AKA Albert

Satch and the boys returned to the Grove of Anaheim 1 year since recording the Joe Satriani Live DVD....but in the form of G3 07. This show was awesome to say the least! I (and 7 others) had the honor of meeting Joe and hang out backstage with the crew pre-show (Thanks a lot John Iverson, you rock!) and checking out the awesome live mix setup (Protools agony!!). While going back stage I bumped into Paul Gilbert and his wife Emi as they walked into the side entrance. I also got to meet Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) who was drumming for John Petrucci and Dave LaRue (who was pulling double duty on bass for John's set and Joe's set. I also said hey to Jeff Campetelli (Joe's magnificent drummer). At the end of the backstage tour, we hung out with the man himself, Joe Satriani, for a meet and greet and question session. I also had Joe autograph my Ibanez....super cool! Joe is a gracious, humble, magnificent musician and human being, it was an awesome experience.

The show rocked as well. The show started out with Paul Gilbert and basically his old RacerX bandmates (Bruce Boulliet rocked!). Bruce was Paul's "human capo" as Paul busted out the ridiculous arpeggios to "Get Out of My Yard!." Paul also played some of his solo stuff as well as "Scarified" from his RacerX days which really got the headbanggers going! Emi, Paul's wife, was on the keyboards. The rest the set rocked as Paul took over vocal duties. Paul was the most expressive and most animated with a sense of humor during the show.

John Petrucci was elusive before the show but, during his set he was full on! His whole set was, I think, from his "Suspended Animation" album and his incredibly fast right hand was just inhuman. Dream Theater fans were also treated to Mike Portnoy beating the drums in odd tempo harmony! John rocked, he is an amazingly talented player.

Joe's set was an amazing amalgam of sonic mastery as he ripped though some new and old material. He stated that he had a lot of old "Surfing With the Alien" stuff to play. He had an amazing rendition of "Circles," "Surfing With the Alien," and "Satch Boogie," as well as my favorite Satch ballad "Always With You Always With Me." Sonically Joe was as impressive as ever....he has just the right balance of tone and emotion that you "feel" the music as well as experience its sonic power.......if that made sense to anyone?? "Cool #9" and the crowd participation of "Crowd Chant" rounded out an awesome performance.

The last G3 jam with Joe, John and Paul was a blazing Hendrix festival with Paul singing "Foxy Lady," and "Purple Haze" and Joe singing "Going Down." I was in the fifth row front and center and the sound was humongous. I had ringing ears until the next day! At points, the sound as too "blended" and each guitar did not sound distinct, but, I guess it's difficult to mix live with 4 guitars blazing away all shredding! All in all the Grove of Anaheim was an extremely successful show and truly a worthy venue for G3 07. I can't wait to see Joe the next time around. The show was 4 hours long and at 11:30 PM I wanted to see another encore, but I suppose all good things have to come to an end. I also made a few friends that I am sure I will bump into at future Satch concerts so see you there....(John and Robbie! you know who you are!).

jb1961 Mon Mar 19 '07
The Grove
Anaheim, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Mar 21, '07 11:30 am
G3 in California, what more needs to be said. Thanks so much Galen for the after show passes. As usual it is a real joy getting to talk with you all. The show was fantastic!!!! Racer X, well paul Gilbert, but lets face it, it was Racer X, was awesome, Paul is a God. John is always on, and He has the meanest pick hand out there. Joe you are the man. Cant wait to see you all in Cincy on the 25th.