show review
(Ken Erickson)
Sat Mar 24 '07
Congress Theatre
Chicago, IL, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Mar 27, '07 7:09 am
Well, What can you say about Joe that hasn't ben' said already. The man is an amazing musician and person. The energy and fun he has is matched by no one. The shows keep getting better and better every year and I say this from experience having seen Joe every year since "92" including all 11 G3's. Joe is so exciting to watch and he makes you apart of every show. Paul Gilbert was awesome and with his wife along on keyboards a great addition to G3. John Petrucci was awesome as well and Portnoy is an amazing drummer flying sticks all over the stage without missin' a beat. These are the best musicians in the world and it's truly awesome and inspiering to watch. I loved how they started G3 with a Jam at the end of Joe's set on Alway With You......first Petrucci coming out followed by Gilbert. The crowd went nuts when Petrucci came out cuz everyone knew G3 had started. The G3 Hendrix tribute was awesome and Purple Haze was catapulted into the Stratasphere. I was glad to see Going Down back on G3. That's such a great song and it Rocked. After the show We hung out and got autogaphs from Paul, Joe and Dave. It was great to be able to talk to Joe again, and shake his hand as his last few shows in Chicago were at the land locked House Of Blues. Like I said, the shows keep getting better and Joe continues to Blaze new paths with his wonderful brilliant guitar work and music. Three Thumbs Up.......even though I only have two. Highly Recommened.

Zinc Master
(Zinc Master)
Sat Mar 24 '07
Congress Theatre
Chicago, IL, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Mon Mar 26, '07 6:35 am


I decided against buying any of the special packages. General admission was just fine. I ended up about 6 people back - right in front of Joe.

PG was very good - even though the headphones were a little different.

JP was very very good.

JS - was the show - the reason I came, again.

The set list was the same as was posted here previously - no need to re-type it again.

The base/drums during JP were very loud/deep. Felt every beat in my chest, throat, everywhere - very powerful.

It was my first G3 concert in person - I was very entertained. During the G3 portion of the show - it looked liked the guys were having a very good time - enjoying themselves and the music.

Crowd was good sized - did not appear to be a sell out - but it was very full.

The sound / accoustics were good at the Congress Theater - only problem - PARKING - there is NO parking.


(Kevin rosko)
Sat Mar 24 '07
Congress Theatre
Chicago, IL, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Mar 25, '07 12:12 pm
Just got back from G3 in chicago..can't say i was thrilled with the congress theater, but who's paying attention to the venue when you have 3 of the best guitar players on earth performing to the extremes, not to mention Dave Larue pulling a triple with John, Joe, and G3, and the musician I want to be Galen!!! Yeah buddy I watch you all the time to, your excellent..Jeff your always the best, the dream theater drummer was also tearing it up as well . I've had the pleasure of seeing Satch but never John or Paul. Needless to say I will be buying some new CD's come morning. Petrucci was absolutely incredible. My only question I would have for him is "What kind of pick do you use?" You didn't use the drill right? It was a pleasure to watch him turn his fret board into a flame thrower..EXCELLENT!! Which leads me to Mr. Gilbert. I've studied his lessons and wondered often how he gets his pinky to do what it does..yes i do practice alot thank you very much and recently bought the Ibanez rg770 dx in red. Paul is a more than welcome addition to G3 and more than held his own. The vocals not to mention his technique during the g3 Hendrix songs was great. And I loved the Jumpin Jack Flash add on!!! Then we get to Satch...Yeah, still making it look easier than it really is, and still the best technique on this planet (not sure about his, have to ask him that someday), and bringing so much energy my cell phone recharged during the show!!! It was great to hear the old stuff that introduced the world to "A cool new way" of hearing music, and what else the guitar could really do when your from a place far away from here. Thanks for taking us there with you for a couple hours. In this case about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Simply the best. G3, Have a safe rest of the tour. Thank you for inviting us to your jam session and letting us all enjoy a great evening together with your dazzling performances, and the appreciation you have for what it really is all about. But do the rest of us one favor at the end ofthe tour..record a DVD or CD or both..and then.....Do it all again!!!