show review
(Gabor Tillman)
Tue Jul 11 '06
Petofi Hall
Budapest, , HU
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Jul 24, '06 8:25 am

Adrian Legg started the show with a 30 minutes performance. He played on his own, with a lot of pedals, and the result were some nice tunes. It is difficult to categorise him, you should hear his music. Joe opened with Flying in a Blue Dream, then it was followed by The Extremist, Redshift Riders, Cool #9, A Cool New Way, Satch Boogie, Super Colossal, Just Like Lightnin', Ice 9, Oriental Melody, Circles, The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing, Always With Me, Always With You, Surfing With The Alien, Crowd Chant, and Summer Song. Joe has really done his best - again. Being in the front row, right in front of him and his rig, I was completely amazed by his energy and his unbelievable performance. Often he was so absorbed, he didn't even seemed to notice Galen standing next to him. He was really the show himself. However, the rest of the band, Dave and Galen, were careful that the stage be always balanced: if Joe went to the middle, Dave went to the left, and he went back when Joe returned to his pedals on the left of the stage. My only problem was that often Galen was too much in the background. Lot of songs evolved out of a jamming, or were followed by a jam. Circles ended up in a sort of metal a'la Joe Satriani, and the ending of Always With Me lasted longer than the original recording (the band jammed on the tune two years ago in the G3, and my secret hope was, that there would be another round of it - and there was!). Sometimes Joe seemingly forgot to end the song - as in the case of the Mystical Potato Head - and the rest of the band waited for the sign laughing at the back of the stage. Oriental Melody was without orchestration and it became even more powerful! Crowd Chant also did its job! :) A lot of my personal favourites were covered during the show, yet the two hours of music was just not enough. It could have been going on and on for ever. I was lucky enough to obtain two aftershow passes, and have all the friends' tickets and my photos and stuff signed! :) It was really an honour to exchange few words with Joe himself, listen to his pieces of advice, and I also gave him a small birthday present. We met the rest of the band as well, Jeff and Galen for the second time on the day, because they came to their trucks before the show. All of them were really nice and friendly, despite the exhausting stage performance. It was fun to meet them, indeed. Unfortunately we could meet them for roughly 10 minutes, because they were tired and scheduled for the next concert on the following day. It was an amazing night! These guys really rock! I'm looking forward to see them touring in Hungary again as soon as possible!

Happy birthday Joe! (again) and thank you for your advice and encouraging words!


(Laszlo Gyorgy)
Tue Jul 11 '06
Petofi Hall
Budapest, , HU
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jul 15, '06 1:52 pm

If you've every listened to a Joe Satriani song, you'll know what I'm talking about. You'll know to appreciate its intricacy, marvel the virtuosity of the incessant layers of tonal enormity, grasp the unspoiled intonation and cadence. Brace these with untainted, scrupulous guise and you have Joe.

In short, the show here in Budapest was much the same feeling and nothing short of spectacular! It's only the second show I've seen with Joe (the first one was two years ago when G3 was in town) but it is certainly not the last! I got to be in first row and my mind was completely blown away. I screamed and yelled like I had just won the Super Bowl. The Peavy JSX was exactly what was audible on the original recording. The entire band was brilliant, and Joe’s solos were exquisitely crafted.

My G3 show two years ago was topped off by having the chance to meet Joe back stage, taking a picture with him. I gave him a CD for his upcoming birthday with a collection of songs from my guitar teacher in Hungary (I he had a chance to listen to it). Now, my evening was made perfect after the show when Joe signed my concert ticket after coming out of his hotel at around 1:30 AM and heading off to Belgrade.

Thanks for the unforgettable experience!


PS: Happy birthday!!!

(Akos Vamos-Hegyi)
Tue Jul 11 '06
Petofi Hall
Budapest, , HU
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jul 13, '06 2:14 am

It was our 2nd show in 9 days, and again it was a special one!

Joe was in his best, he really played an excellent set, amazing solos at the end of the songs - much more & longer ones than on the show in Austria. My favourite one was at the end of Circles, wow... The setlist has changed a little bit from the usual, 2 songs from the new album were missing (One robot's dream & Meaning of love), but we've got 1 song from SBM album!!! That one was Oriental melody, a great one! I'm not sure whether he's played it anywhere else on this tour so far... I was still missing my personal favourite, Crystal planet...

Thanks for this magnificent, superb show to all the band: JOE, Galen, Jeff & Dave! Hope to see you again on the next tour in Hungary!


PS: Joe, we wish You a very happy birthday!!!

kalmark Tue Jul 11 '06
Petofi Hall
Budapest, , HU
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Jul 12, '06 1:02 am
This was my first Satriani show, and it was truly Super Colossal :) Joe's a real guitar wizard, and the band, especially Jeff and Dave were also great on stage! And wow, the crowd really enjoyed the interaction, especially in Crowd Chant! I'm just sad the magic was so short... Thank you for coming, Joe, and come again soon!