show review
Sun Jul 09 '06
Rock Sound Festival @ Sportzentrum
Huttwil, , CH
Rank: 8 Posted: Wed Jul 12, '06 12:33 pm
This was my second Joe Live Experience and it was just as special as the first time. Joe played for 1 and a half hour and i enjoyed every minute of it.

I am actually from Germany and decided to drive to Switzerland after i visited the Show in Ulm because it was so cool there. Unfotunately the People did not Party as much as in Ulm, but i think they were exhaustet from "Christina Stürmer" (who is something like a Star down there in CH and AUS, played just before Joe) and the really hot Weather.

Anways, thank you Joe, thank you for another awesome Show. I really do hope you get back to Germany soon. Looking forward to see and hear you all again.