show review
(Alexandr Smirnov)
Wed Jun 28 '06
Stockholm, , SE
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jul 01, '06 12:42 pm

Great show! Great performance! Great music!

This was actually my 3d time seeing Joe playing live. And that day i was 4 times lucky. Firstly, that i finally got to Stockholm from Murmansk (Russia). Secondly, that i got to the concert, many thanks to the guy named Danny, because without his help it would be impossible. Then, i managed to catch Jeff's drum stick. And finally that i first time experienced meet&greet Joe after show. I was surpriced to hear that Joe was invited to play in Russia but as he said it was not that easy to make a show in Russia because of many problemes they faced during the tour. But he assured that Russians fans will see him live and that's gonna be G3.

Joe started playing at 22.20 local time and the concert lasted until 0.15 am. The venue was kinda small, as also the stage. But personally, i like that, because of the close contact of the musician to the fans. Joe played songs from old albums and of course from his last album. He started from "Flying in the blue dream", and the main part he ended with fantastic impov of "Always with you always with me". Then Joe and the band played another 3 songs, ending with "Summer song".

P.S. Thanks to the guy who gave me ear plugs, staying close to the stage was kinda loud.

cheer Wed Jun 28 '06
Stockholm, , SE
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 29, '06 1:32 pm
this is the 3rd time i see joe and by far the best of those! loads of jamming and joe is a maestro of feedback- and heres what: theres so much left to explore with feedback! joe is the captain with spark enough who can, and could, drive it a lot further and beyond anything heard yet: into audio-optic galaxies far away and within! thanks for the music joe!