show review
Thu Jun 29 '06
Malmoe, , SE
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jul 02, '06 7:11 am

The first time i saw Joe and it was absoulutely amazing. The best concert ive ever been to. Great set list but i missed a few songs from Is there love in space.

Keep on rockin Joe!

(Mohsen Farzone)
Thu Jun 29 '06
Malmoe, , SE
Rank: 9 Posted: Sat Jul 01, '06 2:33 am

When he walked up on that stage, people gasped and bowed to his honour. The one and only, our master, Joe Satriani!

I was truthfully amazed on the exceptionally well peformance they did in the sound area of the whole gig. However there could have been more connection to the audience and movement on the stage. Joe stood 90% of the time on the other edge of the stage which annoyed me a bit.

Even though that happened I personally cheered on the people to its max which helped a big deal. A great experience for everyone who attended old or young. And I would also like to add Adrian Legg to the list of jaw-dropping performance. I think he chocked everyone when he did his thing with the Roland guitar on the stage. Now that's what I call guitar techniques!

Thanks once more for a nice show and the "You guys are great" pointed at me and my friends, Satriani and Satriani-crew! Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we who attended it! I wish you all a "Super Magnificent" Tour!

And final thanks for those taking their time reading this review.

Peace out