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Alex May
(Alex May)
Sun Jun 25 '06
Saarbrucken, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Jun 27, '06 4:42 pm

Oh, man, it was absolutely amazing...

Now I know why Joe's current theme is "Super Collossal"... because he simply is...

Awesome sound, kudos also to new bassist Dave, you do a great job with the Dixies, and you were amazing with Joe! Jeff and Galen kicked ass like I've never seen before, and Joe play the most ridiculous things i have ever heard of him! Great version of "Alway with me..."!! The new sound of the "Super Collossal"-songs is very fat and heavy, and kicks pretty ass, especially the title one... yeah baby :D And they played all the big songs!

Fantastic bonus: a half hour of Adrian Legg's guitar-craftmanship, he did some awesome playing, and it was a wonderful opportunity to see him live for free!

Thanks for this great show! You guys god damn rock!