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Sat Jun 24 '06
Ulmer Zelt
Ulm, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jul 15, '06 11:52 am

Dear Joe and fans!

I did a 'lil diary page how we met Joe "ZZ" Satriani! :-)

Have a nice day,


added on July 15th 2006:

OK Joe I got one too! :-)

Sat Jun 24 '06
Ulmer Zelt
Ulm, , DE
Rank: 8 Posted: Wed Jul 12, '06 12:10 pm
Hi @ll, big up for Joe. His Show and Songs were amazing and the crowd (including me) just went wild.

I first wondered why someone like Joe Satriani & Band is going to play in such a small tent but as i entered the concert and stepped into their Music it just took me away. It felt liek Joe & Band were playing just for me and some of my Friends because of the small tent. Awesome!

Great Version of Potato Head Groove Thing.

MusicAddict Sat Jun 24 '06
Ulmer Zelt
Ulm, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 10:52 am

It was the first time that I was allowed to enjoy your great show and it is definitely not the last! I am bewitched! Your songs were going under my skin! Respect – it was an incredible live performance! Thank you, especially JOE, Jeff, Dave and Galen for the fantastic evening! Thank you!

Music is my first love and it would be my last!!! It´s an enrichment of every life!

At last I will not forget the guys behind the scene – they are doing a very good job!!!!


And next time I dare to get an autograph from you! *smile*

Best wishes from Germany....

(Please excuse my bad english …)

( Dieter)
Sat Jun 24 '06
Ulmer Zelt
Ulm, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 25, '06 3:38 pm

This was my first Satriani concert. And it was soooo great. I never have an experience like this! The audience was clapping every time, my hands were burning! But every time, you thought it couldn't get get better! And you clapp more and more!

They improvise so much on the stage it was wonderful to see that (I hope so) the band have so much fun like the audience.

When he began to play "The mystical potato head groove thing" the audience was nearly getting out of control (me too), wow I never thought that I make things like that for music, but I did.

Thank you Joe (and the others of you great band) for such a wonderful time we have! Please, please, please come again to germany and Baden Württemberg! Wish you all the best!

(Mihai Paul)
Sat Jun 24 '06
Ulmer Zelt
Ulm, , DE
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 25, '06 2:04 am

This was my second Satriani show and it was amazing !!! Joe was super colossal and the band was excellent. The gig took place in a tent, a not so big venue, but it was packed. No opening act, set list as before. One strange thing was that they did not let with you take the camera in.

I was lucky to win an aftershow pass, I had a chat with Dave and then later we meet Joe who was kind enough to sign some stuff and even accept a present from us. Thanks again for this !!!

It seems that Joe gets closer to my place (Munich) with the shows, 2 years ago we went to Vienna, this year to Ulm :)). Please include Munich in your G3 tour next year (as I read that there will be one in Europe) !!!!