show review
(Tarek HASHEM)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Aug 18, '06 3:08 am

Joe', I see 12 concert of you since 1995... It's always a big show !!! I love your music and every concert made me so crazy!

The sound was really good and the set too with old and new songs.


Jeff, Dave, Gelen are very excellent... they give at all music always a new dimension, it's sometimes different than studio album. Cool #9 for exemple.

And you too Joe, improvisation you're the best, I always discover an evolution years after years since 1991 when I Know that SATCH exist... FANTASTIC...

So, i Hope to see you very soon, G3 I hope, and of course next tour in Paris, for a new album

My dream, see you in USA, San Francisco...

Good Luck for the end of Tour.

Thanks for your Strange Beautiful Music


(Pierre Malet)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jul 08, '06 2:21 pm
AWESOME !!! Joe was on fire ! What a hot summer night in Paris... Unforgettable. It started softly with Flying In A Blue Dream... Joe was warming up... After several songs, the show really began with a cosmic version of Ice 9... Things started to accelerate with Hendrixian reminiscences from A Cool New Way, Dorian extravaganzas of Cool#9, and a mystical version of Circles... Joe played Super Colossal perfectly, and the sound from Just Like Lightnin' was a mixture of ZZ Top and Blues from the Bayou... Joe was feeling good, improvising with the band on Always With Me, Always With You, with some Easter Eggs here and there like the theme of Raspberry Jam Delta-V... The audience was won over... Joe played impressive classics like Satch Boogie and Surfing With The Alien, and introduced us with new masterpieces like One Robot's Dream... Things were speeding up, and sadly the show was coming to an end... Joe and the band received a standing ovation and were back for chating with the audience... CROWD CHANT was enormous !!! Joe looked at Jeff and smiles were on their faces, astounded by the energy delivered by the people who had left their comfortable seats to gather and sing in front of the stage... Finally, Joe delivered a boiling version of Summer Song - the temperature was high in the theatre... I was exhausted, amazed, admiring. One of the best guitar player in the world played in front of me tonight, and his inspirations will always guide me... What a stunning venue ! Thank you ever so much Joe !

victor osoro
(victor osoro)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 9 Posted: Sat Jul 08, '06 8:09 am

Wonderful concert

We were at the mezzannine and the sound was great, although the bass and the rythm guitar sometimes were a little dark, but the drums and the Satriani guitar were clear.

I woulkd like have listened other famous songs like "Rubina" ,something from "Is there love in the space", but it is the same "Satriani is God" and what Satriani does well done is.

This was the first Satriani concert I saw, but I hope to see him again, for example a G3 with Steve Vai and Andy Timmons.

Thanks for your music, Joe

Victor- from Getxo ( Basque Country)

(Dani Dias)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jul 08, '06 7:58 am

More than words !! Amazing show you are the guitar God !!

Thankss Joe

(Nayl Badreddine)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 2:27 pm
waow quel show !!! après avoir attendu 2 heures dehors en attendant de le choper a l entré , mais sans resultts......ils passaient de la musique sympathique pendant l instalation de la sono, un ptit shreeder inconu rentre en scene puis joue un pti quard d heure puis le noir , une faible lumiere bleu eclaire la scene , on entends le feedback , joe rentre en scene ... les premiers accords de flying in a blue c parti pour 2 heures de de live !!!! une version pas trop mal de the extremist . joe nous a fait vois de toutes les couleurs avec ces impros sur just like lightin et cool#9. des classiques pas trop deplaisant comme always with me always with you et satch boogie , quelqu saut d ambiance avec ice 9, just loike lightin et surfing with the alien , puis après une courte entracte c repari pour crowd chant et summer song merci joe pour ce live memorable !

hermes 213
(georges kury)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 12:50 pm

an amazing show ! the 2 hours passed very fast ...i can listen to satch for hours and hours.... the set list was very good though i havent take my time to get used to the new songs ( of the super colossal album), i wished he played "just ten words" a very touching song... and whats with the audience? crowd chand couldve been much more fun... anyway thank you satch for this gig hope to see you soon in france on G3 with steve and Eric Johnson... ps : Mr Adrian Legg was very remarquable in the begining, very nice tones...

thanks again , we love you


vinz Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 9:04 am

That was a SUPER COLOSSAL Concert !!!

The band and the set list was fantastic. Joe, AMAZING, as always ! Two hours are just not enough.... I could hear and watch Joe playing for ages... He's really a great performer.

I'm looking forward to seeing you for your next european tour or for a G3 Extravaganza. By the way, Andy Timmons could be a great guest star guitar for the next G3.

I really incite everyone to attend a Joe Satriani Concert, it's a magic moment.

Thanks again Joe for this unforgettable gig.


steack joe
(Pierre SIMEONE)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 7:16 am

Hello everybody !

That was my first Satch's experience and I was afraid to be upset because live show is not the same thing than a studio album but


The show was great and the play list was composed with old and new song :

Flyin in a blue dream / The extremist / Redshit Riders / Cool #9 / Cool new way / Satch Boogie / Super Colossal / Just lightin / Ice 9 / One robot's dream / The meaning of Love / Circles / Always with me, Always with You / Surfin with the Alien / Crowd Chant / Summer Song

As you can see, the play list was great and long and for all our pleasure !!!

The sound was incerdible, with a great quality and a good equalizer

Joe was super colossal, dynamic and he's a funny guy, very cool...

Everything was cool but The only thing is that you can make photos :(

Thank you Joe for this show and all your music

I hope you're gonna play more show in France, We love you


PS : if someone has some photos of this show, please send it at Si quelqu'un a eu la chance de faire quelques photos ce serait vraiment sympa de me les envoyer à, histoire d'avoir quelques souvenirs, merci d'avance :)

Flash Steelers
(flash steelers)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 6:06 am

One of the greatest show ever seen in my all life. That's strange to be sit for a Satriani concert, but well... at the end you just have to get up and jam !

I had the chance to be close enought to see Joe's hyper speed ability but also the feeling on is face when playing.

The set list was very original. The old good classics as satch boogie or summer song but also some song less played (for what i know) as circles.

I came to the show with friends who didn't know about Joe's music and they where totaly charmed.

Hope we can see you soon Joe : Thank for the show A bientot


(Borde Paul-Henri)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 5:15 am

An amazing show !!!! It's the first time that I see Joe, and he is an awesome guitarist :D The Super Colossal live version is very great Plus I have an aftershow pass , so I can see Joe and the band in backstage. Joe is a very cool guy , he makes us confortable :D

Thank's a lot for this show and good luck for the end of the Tour

(Thomas MERLY)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 1:11 am

Thank you Joe and Jeff ! The most powerful show i've ever view was there ! Super Colossal live version is incredibly better than studio version. I had doubts concerning Dave LaRue's integration before the show (I still a Stu fan...) but it has been quite great (wow, the Cool#9 introduction has amazed me !).

But the fact that let me rate this show as the best is that now my Ibanez is a "Joe Satriani / Jeff Campitelli signature" one ! ;o)

Thanks a lot for this event and the aftershow pass ! Keep on tour in France... You're welcome !

(Rubicone Sylvain)
Thu Jul 06 '06
Grand Rex
Paris, , FR
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 07, '06 1:09 am
It was awesome!!! It's the third time that I see Joe and I'm still delighted. Joe is as usually, simple and big! I Hope Joe will jam in Paris for is next album or for a new G3... ! Thanks Joe