show review
(Randell Mulligan)
Wed Mar 22 '06
Spitzer Music
Concord, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jun 17, '06 5:56 am
I hope you and Jon can post the photos of Joe at this even somewhere on the site. I loved all the signed guitars there. Joe was so polite at the signing. I was very happy to meet you Joe:..............Joe.............Joe????? You can put my guitar down now..............LOL Special thank to the man from the "Staff" who did an excellent job framing my photo with you!! But, I did not get his name!!!! Can you print it with the picture? I would really love it if you could. Gordon: the spitzers music guitar tech was also very interesting to talk with. The fans were great to talk with as well . Nice meeting you ALL!!! Randell Mulligan ATNI found out The "Staff" members name is Graham! Thank you Graham!!