show review
(Martin Ford)
Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Jul 05, '06 2:35 am


Cannot fault this concert in any way, it was absolutly brilliant.<br> All my favs from the new album were in there, including the amazing Redshift Riders!<p>

The band were on top form aswell. I must say, it's my first time seeing Satch on a solo tour (saw the G3, with fripp in B'mouth UK too), and what an amazing show it was. Wasn't long enough!<p>

I was 10 rows from the front - just out of reach to grab the picks :-(<br> and it was a great view. The only downside was the pratt sitting infront of me who kept standing on his chair..but he got kicked out - lol.<p>

..also big congratz to Johnny A for putting on a fantastic set.<p>

JC might want to practice his throwing a bit tho, hit some poor guy on the head at the end of the gig with a drumstick.<p>

10/10 in my opinion, couldn't have been better.<p>

..and Joe, do more in the UK!

(stephen browning)
Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 25, '06 11:11 am
this gig was f**king amazing, i have been to see metallica and to see joe was alot better, and the seats that me and my mate had were f**king amazing (L26, L27) we were to close, but we were to far away. The 3 men how were behind us, i think that they enjoyed the gig. any way everyone how was that this gig thank for the great atmosphere

(Phil W...)
Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 25, '06 5:58 am

Has to be 10 out of 10. I've lost track of how many times I've seen or met the legend live, but this was definitely the best (so far). I envy anyone who will be seeing any of the remaining shows : )

The sound in the Pavillion was excellent, although Galen was buried in the mix a lot of the time. Really enjoyed the amended versions of some Satch classics, whilst the new material was delivered (essentially) as is - and with style as per normal!

The man was well hooked up tonight, enough that I think he was having too much fun with his amp and forgetting where he was a couple of times - totally lost in the music: C O O L.

Great stuff Joe, come back for another tour (of the south!) as soon as poss.

The Set: Flying In A Blue Dream, The Extremist, Redshift Riders, Cool #9, A Cool New Way. Satch Boogie, Super Colossal, Just Like Lightnin', Ice 9, One Robot's Dream, The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing, The Meaning Of Love, Circles, Always With Me, Always With You, Surfing With The Alien

The Encore: Crowd Chant, Summer Song

Posted Wed Jun 21 7:21pm

w1cker man Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 23, '06 3:13 pm

Simply amazing....a great 2 hour set and fantastic sound throughout. Joe is such a great entertainer, and put absolutely everything into the show. Galen and Dave looked like they were having a great time too, which added to the atmosphere. Jeff did such an amazing job on the tubs for 2 hours with a badly injured ankle (the poor guy could hardly walk after the show, yet still managed to complete the set so you wouldn't know any different).

Joe has so much superb material that he must have a nightmare of a time choosing the set... personally, I was glad that he played a mix of material from Super Colossal and the early stuff. Johnny A provided support with a 45 minute set which was excellent and well received by the was his first time touring the UK and I don't think it will be his last!

I was lucky enough to have a platinum ticket and got meet Joe and Jeff after the show. What a great guy Joe is - chatting with me about his rig, guitars and some new pedals that he's working on. The package included a pre-show backstage tour, during which I got to see Johnny A's soundcheck aswell as being photographed with Joe's rig & guitars. A great night....they don't come much better than this!

Thanks again for a great show Joe, Jeff, Galen and Dave - please come back to the UK soon....and also many thanks to John Iverson for being a first class host for the night!

(Shane Cook)
Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 22, '06 1:06 pm
WOW,what can i say the show was out of this world,i was looking forward to the gig very much and i,ve got to say Joe was superb as were the rest of the band,the sound was great as was the atmosphere especially during Crowd Chant. All i can add is THANKS JOE&i hope you come back to do another gig in Bournemouth. P,S A big thank you to Joesatrini for posting a review&including the set list,now i can get the cd,s out and recreate the night in my living room LOL.

steamy steve
(stephen masters)
Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 22, '06 12:35 pm

Obviously 10 out of 10! It couldn't be anything else!

We managed to collect all the band members autographs during the afternoon and it is true what other people have said before, they are all really friendly guys. Dave would only sign my CD if we told him where the stage door was which seemed like a good deal!

Our seats in the gig were just a few rows back right in the middle - prime pick catching area and I was lucky enough to get one of Joes at the end.

The best bit was between 7:30 and 10:30, sorry, can't be more precise!

(alex hopkins)
Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 22, '06 10:57 am
wow joe you were on fire that night! It all sounded perfect! me and my friends were left speachless after it all! you should not have ended the gig!!! you and your band were making it look so easy!

my friends had been waiting since 1pm to see you but instead they meet your band! when i turned up about 4pm we were told you would be there about 5pm. even though it was after 7pm when you turned up it was well worth the wait just to met joe in person!!!!!!!

thank you for a wonderful gig. i do think ten words should have been encluded in the set list. the lighting and sound were amazing!!!

i also thought johnny a was amazing! thank you for signing my cds!!!

Rooster Rory
(Rory Edwards)
Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 22, '06 10:46 am

Well what can i say.......Joe was just out of this world. He was absolutely amazing as was the rest of the band!!!! He just had so much control over everything. I even got my Super Collosall Cd signed by Dave, Jeff, galen and even the man himself Joe, who even shook my hand at the end, just absolutely speechless affter the show. Thank's for everything Joe, can't wait too see you again, well done!!!! The only problem with the whole show was that it had to end!!!! And that you didn't play 10 Words, i was so looking forward to seeing you play that, but will have to go again for definately now!!!

Also, just like to say how amazing Jonny A was as well. Really nice bloke, met him after his set, great guy!!!

Thank's again Joe, you rock!!!!!!

Glad Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 22, '06 2:40 am

Zemo Wed Jun 21 '06
Pavilion Theatre
Bournemouth, England, GB
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 22, '06 1:46 am

I got to the Pavilion at about 5:30, went in to check what time I could go in to the show and the woman said 7pm; while I was in there it sounded like Joe and his band were practicing and the number of people were just coming in to have a listen!! I went for a walk along the beach before getting back to the cafe in the Pavilion at about 6:15. I stayed in the cafe until we were allowed in.

Joe's complete set amazed everyone. I was sat on the balcony and the sound and view was very good, this has to be the best place I have been to, it was quite small but this only made it better! When Joe played 'Super Colossal' the crowd starting cheering, the song is great, and Live it was amazing. I don't know how Joe does it but he managed to play for 2 and a half hours - With hardly any breaks. I am very happy that I went to see him and over all he has to be the best Guitarist I have seen Live (and I have seen a lot of bands and guitarists!). Well worth the money; I will definitely travel to see Joe again when he comes to the UK again.

I really hope Joe comes over here with G3 as I have every DVD and have not seen G3 as of yet!! I will be playing my JS Series Guitar all day today after last nights gig! :D