show review
(Bob Lee)
Tue Mar 14 '06
Super Colossal CD Release Event
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Sun Dec 03 '06
1:40 pm
It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Joe and the guys were awesome. Great set I only wish it could have been longer. I sat in the 2nd row and right in front of Joe. Sound was good and West LA music did a great job setting the whole thing up. Thanks Joe for a show that I will never forget.

(John A)
Tue Mar 14 '06
Super Colossal CD Release Event
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted:
Mon Mar 27 '06
8:46 pm

Joe is back and there's no slowing him down. My wife and I went with my cousin and his wife. We arrived @ 3:00p and got right in line. FRONT ROW!!!! The experience was surreal. The legend himself was only a mere10ft away! Rain threatened to slow the show before it started but luckily mother nature was a fan of Joe's too and she let him perform without a hint of drizzle.

Joe ripped into Super Colossal even though his POG was being difficult. Just like Lightnin' had such a cool quick riff I'll be playin it in my car over and over again. I was floored by the heavy Redshift Riders. Truly another classic that should be played at every show. Surfin' and Satch were crowd favorites and were played with unbridled emotion.

I can't say enough about Joe's playing but it's the man himself that truly makes him a cut above ALL performers. Meeting this man was pleasure. He left such an impression on my wife and I. A man so soft-spoken and humble with such great talent. He's just awesome, what else can I say.

I bought a JS100 and he signed it. This was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.

All I can say is thank you Joe. Thank you for your music and thank you for your time.

Tue Mar 14 '06
Super Colossal CD Release Event
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rank: 7 Posted:
Fri Mar 17 '06
2:15 am
Hi everyone, I'm giving the show a rating of a 7 only because of the poor lighting, my daughter and I were in the back and it was VERY hard to see the stage because of the small lights. Joe and the band sounded great!!! I am looking forward to the Grove gig, and I'm very excited to hear and participate in "Crowd Chat" again. This was the first time my daughter (age 16) got to experience Joe live, in fact it was her first time at any show!!!! I think she is hooked now!!!!! I'm not sure how long we waited in line but I do know that there was only 3 people behind us in line. Joe's attitude was wonderful considering how many times he signed his name that night. As usual Joe has a way of making the evening a memorable event, and for that I THANK YOU!!!!

Edwood CA Tue Mar 14 '06
Super Colossal CD Release Event
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rank: 9 Posted:
Thu Mar 16 '06
12:20 pm

This was my 18th [!!!] time seeing Joe play live. Holy crap! Am I putting ZZ through school, or what?! Joe, Jeff, Galen and the new bassist were all great. 10 for their performance. [As usual for Joe and Jeff!!!] I gave it a 9 only 'cause as a show, it was great, but not as great as some of the other shows of his, I've been to. Can't wait for the Grove gig!

Joe's always been supremely gracious with the meet'n'greets he does. Always friendly and in good spirits, even after a couple hours of signing everything under the sun. Thanks, Joe!

(Dave Labat)
Tue Mar 14 '06
Super Colossal CD Release Event
Los Angeles, CA, US
Rank: 8 Posted:
Wed Mar 15 '06
12:22 pm

Outdoors, wind, some rain, fairly cold for an outdoor show... the upside, Joe really was having fun.. Dave LaRue on bass.

Started with Super Colossal , played Redshift Riders and Party on the Enterprise (crowd chant).. one other from new disc, Joe called it "that funky one", I can't remeber the name of it yet, so we will leave it at that.

I was seated 2nd row at an oudoor amphitheatre... total seats and attendance, about 1000. Over toward Galen's side. Joe's sound was outstanding.. as always! Ethan's sound was a little crisper, sounded better than the last show I heard (Ventura Theatre) Dave LaRue I have not heard before. Quite a good player, could have been slightly crisper at times, but fit in the mix great and he has great "rocker" look and energy.

Lots of old tunes mixed in.. Ice #9, Cool # 9, surfing with the Alien.. I'm missing some I know. I thought it was going to be very difficult to play in the cold, but Joe and Dave handled the intricate parts easily.

Show was great fun, the band seemed to really dig doing this show, somehting different for sure. They only restricted videocams, stills were fine, leaned against a monitor and got probably 20-30 good shots out of almost 130 I took. Operator error!

Joe stayed to sign Super Colossal discs and take pictures with fans forever.. he finished their set at about 8:30, I met him about 10:20! Joe's niceness and just all around good guy attitude was not the slightest bent out of shape after that amount of time! WOW! He told me he only gives lessons to his own kids now. I can totally understand, but it would be awesome to be able to refine my own playing with Joe!

Should be a great tour, can't wait for the Wiltern show! See you all there!