show review
(robert bidasio)
Sat Apr 29 '06
Cynthia Woods Pavilion
Woodlands, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun May 07, '06 5:10 pm

I just got to a point where I can sit down and think straight. The Show was incredible! They did let me take my guitar inside for the aftershow. We were running late and I was about to have a heart-attack running to the venue with my JS100 in a hard case (puff puff puff puff) I still came in first with my wife about 50 yards behind me ... :-) They brought us all in to the venue and we rested awhile and talked to John Iverson who does the package people. He is cool!

Then we got to go backstage while Eric Johnson was doing his sound check. We got to check out the gear and we each got to pose with Joe's SC guitar for photos. Of course we all got souvenir picks, the VIP laminate tags to wear, and our tickets to the show.

If you can, get the package where you can go backstage and meet Joe! It is incredible! We had front row seats right in the exact middle. Joe was unreal, playing to the crowd. I NEVER SAT DOWN! It was the most awesome set and he added extended jams and played for OVER 2 HOURS! He did a keyboard thingy on One Robot's Dream and all his other signature 'moves' like the fret grabs and tapping. Dave LaRue was happy to hear a personal welcome from the front-row'ers relentlessly plucking his Ernie Ball MusicMan Bongo Bass. Galen and Jeff were awesome. Jeff was very busy and in the zone. Perfect time all night long. It was indeed trance-like. As I write this, I follow an exact sequence; put in Super Colossal, Program song #7, Repeat, Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

Crowd Chant and the Summer Song encore were awesome. My only gripe is that more people at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion didn't get up off of their dead asses and rock. Er, I mean the crowd was a little sedate--perhaps in shock.

After the show we were all taken to a dining area stage left where we waited for Joe to cool down and come join us. I met Mick who helps John do the package things and he is a great guy probably in his late 40s. ;-) We talked about T2J'ers (and they really do look in from time-to-time and can't stand people that bitch about "Joe didn't play this... or didn't do that.. etc. etc..") They also think that some of us are 'total nuts' (probably me included).

Then Joe came in and started with the other side of the room. I had sat in the very back and we were set to visit with Joe dead last. I was scared that at any minute he might end the session, but he spoke to everyone there, one at a time and posed for photos with each. Lots of people were so nervous or in awe they couldn't think of much to say to Joe; I'm sure that is not uncommon.

FINALLY, it was my turn (and my wife's)... Can you believe we were the only ones that brought Joe presents? I told him not to be scared or take out a restraining order against us but we wanted him to have some goodies. We gave him a huge bag of black Twizzlers candy that he reportedly likes, a Silver Surfer T-shirt, and finally, a very rare Marvel Comic book of Silver Surfer, an issue where Shalla Bal (Surfy's girlfriend) dies and has to be taken back to Zen La to be resurrected. Check Flying In A Blue Dream CD, there is a GREAT song called 'Back To Shalla Bal'. Joe was visibly stunned and moved that I found this rare piece from the early 70s for him. Yes, I am a total spaz.

Next, we shook hands I joked that I wanted him to infuse some talent into me but it seems to have worked--my playing is much improved suddenly so something must've rubbed off. Perhaps some Joe-dust (angel dust in my book).

Being the last in line we were TOTAL JOE HOGS!!! I asked Joe if he remembered when he played a little dump of a roadhouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma called The Cain's Ballroom back in 1996. I reminded him of the fact that he had just cut his hair and when he came onstage he said to the crowd, "Don't worry, it's really me!!" He remembered that show and laughed that one of the crew at that time was a vegetarian and asked "Where is the food for the vegetarians?" The Cain's person said "Oh, the chicken is for the vegetarians". They all still laugh about us hayseeds in Oklahoma over that. Then Joe asked how I wanted the guitar signed and I said GO ALL BIG on it. It's a white JS100 Then he drew a JOE CARTOON!!!! WOW, a one-of work of priceless Joe Satriani art! As if that weren't enough, he autographed a 8x10 color photo of himself for our dead cat, Junior. When Junior passed away, we decided to make 'If I Could Fly' Junior's song. Joe was touched when my wife told him this and made the autograph 'To Junior, Keep Flying!' We couldn't believe that Joe was dedicating a photo to a dead cat. He was very sensitive and told us that he had grown up with cats as pets and was very fond of them. Then we posed for more photos, just me and Joe, Joe and my wife, Joe and me and my wife..every possible combo. Then he thanked us for the gifts and thanked everyone for coming. Unbelieveable.

This was a dream-come-true for me. I have accomplished my quest in life by meeting my biggest hero. I can die happy now. Guess what, though? I already want to go back and do another package show! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I did!

Joe, Thank You for lifting our souls with your creations! Your music gives people strength, beauty, purpose, and most of all -- hope.

Below is most of the set list probably not in order:

Flying In a Blue Dream War Super Colossal Just Like Lightning Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing Satch Boogie Cool #9 Ten Words One Robot's Dream The Enigmatic (Extended Jam) Movin' On A Love Eternal Always With Me, Always With You (Extended Jam) Surfing With The Alien Crowd Chant Summer Song (Encore)

Impatient1 Sat Apr 29 '06
Cynthia Woods Pavilion
Woodlands, TX, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Thu May 04, '06 6:27 am
My first Satriana experience. Awesome show. Was a little bummed he didn't play "Crush of Love" but otherwise, superlative! Only problem with seeing an instrumental show is if you hear a song you like but don't know its name... I recognized more than half but can someone please post a complete setlist for this show?
Eric Johnson was superb but the bass drowned out his guitar too often. I really wished the two of them would have jammed for the encore (G2-??).

VoodooAGoGo Sat Apr 29 '06
Cynthia Woods Pavilion
Woodlands, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed May 03, '06 9:44 pm

(Ariel Merla)
Sat Apr 29 '06
Cynthia Woods Pavilion
Woodlands, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed May 03, '06 8:01 am

Only down side TO ME was the performance of TEN WORDS. He played it like he didnt want to play it but had to, like he wasn't feeling it, even payed it faster. I was kind of disapointed at this, that song is my favorite of the new album.

Otherwise, it was awesome. Great band, great musicians, wont miss next show. HAIL SATCH

JRHelton Sat Apr 29 '06
Cynthia Woods Pavilion
Woodlands, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon May 01, '06 12:32 pm

Great show and excellent set list!!

Crowd Chant was a little disappointing, but not because of the band. There may have been about four of us in the crowd that knew the way the chant was supposed to work. I think it bummed out the band. Joe & Dave had some killer jams in the show. Just another day at the job for the band -- and excellent as usual.

(Todd Yarbrough)
Sat Apr 29 '06
Cynthia Woods Pavilion
Woodlands, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Apr 30, '06 2:16 pm

This was my 4th time to see Joe, and my second Platinum ticket package experience. I was in Austin in 04, and was so shook up by finally meeting Joe, I never got around to writing a review of the show! (Which was awesome by the way!)

Last nights show was incredible, nice mix of the new music and the classics that are Joe's trademark songs. Joe did a great deal of improve, although not as much as "An Evening With Joe" in 04, which is to be expected as his set list was shorter, Due Eric opening. Joe never ceases to amaze me with the sounds he can coax out of a guitar. I guess what I am saying is it was as fresh last night as it was the very first time I saw Joe back in 92. Just flat plain awesome, awesome indeed! Great job Joe!

Jeff Campatelli, had a beautiful DW kit, that a had such a clear tone in each tom, and he flat plain stuck it all night as far as I was concerned. Jeff is so fluid behind the kit, as always, and really worked well with Dave and Galen...especially so when Joe was really going out there with the improv thing. I think the coolest thing about watching Jeff, is he is always seemed to be smiling or grinning at whatever he was thinking about...or whoever he was working with at the time. Great Job Jeff!

Dave LaRue, what can I say...WOW! I know you are a hell of a bass player, but I never really envisioned what you would do for Joe's music. I wish I could put into words what you did for the music. Yeah, we have all heard the glowing remarks coming from Joe what he brings to the table...but, I never expected it to be that dramatic. I think if I was to try to pin it down to one thing it would have to be his phrasing, that added a uniqueness to this performance. It was the subtle differences in the Bass lines and chords that he played that really captured his personality blending into Joe's music. Yes, he did the "over the top" stuff like Stu use to do, but he was also in the pocket when he needed to be. I can't say it enough but a top notch performance by a top notch Bass Player. And what an awesome Axe! I do not like Parker Fly guitars at all...sorry they are just to weird for me, but their Basses...WOW! That shape fits a bass very well! Great Job Dave!

Galen always in the back, but always having fun! I was glad this time he wasn't buried behind the Keyboards like he was in 04. He was in plain sight, and I think he had a new Ibanez every song! LOL, just kidding, but he did change axes alot for sure. Galen for me always adds the demension live, that allows Joe to give his best performance, and that cannot be an easy task...considering who we are dealing with here! Great job Galen!

The interaction between all three guitarists was very relaxed, and seemed natural to my eye. In other words not planned out or rehearsed if you will. A very loose, and relaxed performance by all.

And last but not least...What can you say about John Iverson! He is a total hoot! For those of you not involved with the Platinum Ticket Package, you will not understand this...But John is the "glue" that brings the PTP together and makes it fun for everybody. I don't know how he puts up with all the different people he meets on the road from the good to the "unruly"...(he had a time in 04, as a few of the ticket holders had a little too much to drink, and John handled them with a steady/but graceful hand) John, I personally want to thank you for making the past two Platinum Ticket Packages feel like we, the group, were part of the family. I look forward to the 08 tour, and really hope you are a part of it!

Eric Johnson...was incredible as well...chord voicings from hell! Too bad his bass player was turned up so loud you could not hear all the little nuances that are so much a part of Eric's style. The bass was turned up way too loud the whole set as far as I was concerned. The pit section was on a wooden floor, and it was just obnoxious. I could not tell if it was coming from the mains or from the stage for sure, but my gut instinct was the stage. Turn it down please, it would make the show so much better.

My only complaint about the whole show was how the mains were set up. There was a very weak spot where we were sitting, and when Joe would talk you could barely hear him. The mids and highs were facing straight out into the audience. I wish there had been some mid and high fills splayed more towards the the center from about rows 5 to 15. There was just no mains coverage in this area. Joe's guitar was fine stage volume wise and so was Doug, Galen was a little weak, and the drums could have been just a tick louder in the mix but this is just my take on it.

The bottom line is...I don't care how many time you have seen Joe, DO NOT miss this show!

Thanks again Joe for being so are one incredible person in your own right...aside from the songwriting and musicianship that has set the standard for those to follow!

Blessings Always!

Sincerely, Todd R. Yarbrough

highwayman Sat Apr 29 '06
Cynthia Woods Pavilion
Woodlands, TX, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Apr 30, '06 11:31 am

Great show. The set list was better than I could have hoped for. I have two of Joe's dvds, but seeing him live was incredible. If he made a mistake, I didn't see it. He played at the highest level possible. Being on row 3 on the left side was the best place to be. Joe favors the left side of the stage, and this gave me a great opportunity to get some good pics.

Eric Johnson was good. Especially on Cliffs of Dover. Too much bass in the first half of his set.

Thanks Joe for an excellent show