show review
(Elliot Iceter)
Fri Apr 07 '06
The Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Apr 14, '06 8:06 am

Awesome fucking show! Great seats! Great Venue! Great sound! Eric Johnson was fucking amazing and flawless. The only thing that wasn’t the greatest was the audience I think they could have showed Joe a lot more appreciation but I guess that’s his core fan base type. One of the greatest nights of my life! I met Joe Satriani and Dave Larue! Thanks Joe and Dave for being so cool to meet with the fans. We all really appreciate it and love the fact that you guys are so cool and down to earth while possessing some of the craziest skills and talent on earth regarding musicianship and creativity! The show was amazing I went crazy, so intense I kept on pointing at Dave Larue who kept on seeing me in the audience being that I was one of the only ones rocking out and standing up like you should do at an intense rock show that Joe puts on! Dave kept on looking at me and smiling and pointing it was really cool and a most intimate experience with the audience/band cola Bo! Wicked cool! After the show me and my best friend Kevin we tried to act like we had those platinum passes or whatever they are; that dorks buy, but that didn’t work and security told us we had to go. Our fake pass was a no go, oh well it was worth a shot and it was fun and that’s what it’s all about. So after that failed attempt we decided to call it a night and went to the local pizza shop around the corner because my friend was hungry like a sweaty beast.

So he orders a large pepperoni fat mans Stromboli and a small pizza to him self mind you. So after he slowly devours his Stromboli we wait for about a half hour and then I’m like “hey man I don’t think they got your pizza order”, he’s like “yes I ordered it” so I say “I’m going outside to yell at the lady freaks.” So I go outside and I hear some commotion and some girls yelling like girls gone wild style. I couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from so I tell my friend Kevin about it and he comes outside to smoke a cig. So we start looking to find where the sound is and we walk one block up the street. We hit the corner and roll around the bend and their is a huge tour bus and outside of it a ways down the road is Dave Larue standing on the corner giving out free bass lessons (LOL JK) but seriously there he was drinking a diet coke talking to some bimbo with big chimmy chongas and this old gay metal lord looking dude named falcore. I approached Dave and waited for big boobs McGee to shut up; she was just going on and on about nonsense and you could sense Dave wanted no more to do with the conversation between big boobs McGee and lord falcore. So I intervened when there was a break between her bumbling breasts. And I had about a 5-10 minute conversation with Dave about how he met Joe and everything. I found out that he plays bass on one of my favorite DVDs, g3 live in Tokyo with Petrucci I thought that was awesome. So then I stumble on over because I see a small line forming near the tour bus and I’m like “what’s this line for?” and they are like “it’s to meet Joe, he's standing in the tour bus doing a meet n greet.” So from my past experience I’m like “what credentials do you need?” and he is like “none” so I’m like “your kidding right?” he wasn’t.

So I stand in line; in shock about to pee my pants and I walk up to Joe like an idiot not knowing what to say, totally caught off guard and so I end up telling him about this time I talked to him in a chat room and he said I was a better guitarist than he was. lol. It was gay. Anyways he is so nice. And his hands are very soft he takes very good care of his hands I wonder what he does with them. He also looks very, very young in person. Very, very cool guy. Definitely without shades on in person, he looks extremely Italian. Like me. I asked Joe how he does those crazy screams he is known for and he mentioned something like "oh you just have to memorize the harmonically diagrams of the Pentecostal fragment sharp notes on the lower half on the pentalope scale" something to that effect anyways I got the idea of how to do it, now I just need a whammy bar and great delivery/perfection to match. Joe signed my ticket and I also found a pick in the audience that he threw towards my way! Anyways I’m babbling but I had to write this all down before I forgot this wonderful moment in my life and all the glorious details. Meeting Joe and Dave is one of my lifetime goals, its like meeting axl rose almost! Great night; and was my best friend’s birthday. Ill never forget this night! I love you Joe keep doing what you do! Thanks so much for meeting me and being so nice Joe! You’re the best!!! Dave Larue you are awesome you made my night thanks for pointing at me being so nice and talking with me! You rule please stay in the band forever! Very nice guy!

Rock n roll forever! GNFNRS -Elliot "Iceballs" Eyster

(Scott Conner)
Fri Apr 07 '06
The Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 8:12 am

Three Words. OH. MY. GOD.

Joe and company were ON FIRE in Greensburg. If the rest of the shows are half that good, everyone is in for the treat of their lives. Here's the setlist......Joe told me that they had to cut the show a bit short to make it by the venue's "curfew". so to speak.

Flying In A Blue Dream

The Extremist

Redshift Riders

Cool #9

A Cool New Way

Satch Boogie

Super Colossal

Just Like Lightnin'

Ice 9

One Robot's Dream

The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing

Made of Tears


Always With Me Always With You

Surfing With the Alien

Crowd Chant

Summer Song

The extended intro to Cool #9 is just *one* example of how well Dave is meshing'd never know they hadn't played together for years. Dave said after the show that he's still somewhat learning the songs sure could've fooled me! And I am preaching to the converted, but Jeff is just amazing. Joe, do whatever you have to to keep Jeff around forever. ;-)

Crowd Chant is just as much fun (probably MORE so) as you would imagine....was nice to hear the crowd really getting into the vocals and making a goodly noise.

Joe was so gracious at the aftershow signing/meet and greet; thanks for signing things and answering all our questions. I had a blast!

And thanks to all the guys for meeting everyone after the show. It's awfully nice to take time out to say a few words....really means a lot to us.

And I can't wait to do it all again at Baltimore!

(Craig Stiles)
Fri Apr 07 '06
The Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 7:39 am
What a great show and songlist. The new stuff was amazing. Great sound and a great venue. I was blown away as usual. Eric Johnson was great as well. A big thank you to Joe for being such an inspiration to me. You have been my favorite ever since I heard Surfing and that hasn't changed since then. As always Joe, you delivered big time.

melzie Fri Apr 07 '06
The Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Apr 10, '06 3:34 am
First of all, it was an honor and pleasure for my dad and I to meet Joe. We've been to several shows and have been fans for years. We were amazed by how nice he was and easy to talk to. (Jeff was also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet) He didn't slop down a few autographs and push us away. He took time to talk about whatever we wanted. It was one of those great moments in life! His performance was stunning as always. We had a great time rockin' the house with Joe. Eric Johnson was amazing! He was clean and flawless. One of the better guitarists I've seen in my life. Rock on, Guys!

Nuk Fri Apr 07 '06
The Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Apr 09, '06 11:53 am

(michael lehnert)
Fri Apr 07 '06
The Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Apr 08, '06 5:53 pm
Joe was awesome as always!! The songs from the new CD were great, along with the older songs. Not sure if that was Joe or a robot playing! Perfect concert!!! Eric Johnson was amazing too!

Str8 Butter Fri Apr 07 '06
The Palace Theater
Greensburg, PA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Apr 08, '06 9:40 am

Last night was the best concert I've ever been to. Eric and Joe simply sounded amazing! When I go to other shows, the guitar usually sounds like it is being suffocated by distortion or other instruments in the band. Not last night, though. Every note could be heard perfectly, because the guitars sounded crystal clear.

The Palace Theatre is a great place for a show, too. I really hope Joe comes back to Greensburg soon! Eric can come, too, as long as someone tells him that this is the Pittsburgh area and not the Philadelphia area!