show review
Dutchie5150 Sun Mar 20 '05
Thebarton Theatre
Adelaide, , AU
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Mar 22, '05 6:13 am

Man, what an AWESOME night. Joe was on fire. His guitar sounded amazing from where I was seated (just above the sound board).

Great set list, unfortunately there was no "Mystical Potato Head..." "Always with me..." was incredable... Hearing that song live in person for the first time added a whole new dimention to that song...

Drums sounded awesome as did the bass. Man, what a night....

The crowd was probably around 1500. Should of been more, but the fact that the last day of the Clipsal 500 (Huge Aussie Car race, incase you don't know) was on the same day (which had an all time record high crowd) definately played a part in the size of the crowd at the gig.

BTW, Joe messed up, its been 15 years since his last visit to Adelaide. He did the East Coast of Australia 9 years ago....

I was 19 the last time Joe was in town, I hope I'm not 49 when he comes back again :)

Thanks for an awesome night guys.........

skyntallica Sun Mar 20 '05
Thebarton Theatre
Adelaide, , AU
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Mar 21, '05 9:59 pm
A truly awesome night from start to finish. Up in the sky was a great way to start the night. Joe truly knows how to rock! There wasnt that many people in attendance but Joe rocked like he was playing in front of a million people. Thanks Joe for a great night no one in attendance will forget. Songs like Always with me...always with you and starry night were so beautiful and songs like Summer song and Surfing with the Alien were just amazing. Thanx again for the great night and we hope to see u back in Adelaide soon.

(philip laws)
Sun Mar 20 '05
Thebarton Theatre
Adelaide, , AU
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Mar 21, '05 9:34 am
purely awesome, the mix initialy was very messy and took a couple of songs to get right, but the whole night was a special event for all who attended. always with me....always with you made me cry, i thought of my wife, cos it's our wedding song, but i sincerley admit it's the best version i've ever heard, and the boys jammed on it for another few mins before going on, the poor chicken between matt and jeff had a hard night, but the last two tracks "surfin" and "friends" was so loud, and everyone went off. Thanks guys for coming back after 9 years, hope to see u sooner.