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addie613 Fri Oct 08 '04
House Of Blues
Orlando, FL, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Oct 11, '04 9:13 pm

Joe, once again, absolutely amazing! My mind is blown every single time I see you (this has to be at least the 10th time!)....I just don't know how you can just continue to get better (and cooler!) The set list was awesome, and was a great mix of the new CD, as well as the old faves AND some new live. If I didn't have a job, I'd be in Pompano, Clearwater, AND Jacksonville the next 3 days!

Thank you so much for playing such a long set last night, and thanks also for stopping to talk to us all after the show last night! You've never dissappointed us hardcore, after show hanger-on'ers, and I appreciate you taking the time to talk with us and sign my CD! (Sorry about the E-bayers, though) You rock Joe, please come back to Orlando soon!

(James Baumann)
Fri Oct 08 '04
House Of Blues
Orlando, FL, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Oct 11, '04 5:31 am

UN-BE-LIEVABLE! Joe was EN FUEGO! I have to agree with the reviewers from the HoB show in Orlando. His set list was off the planet, and almost every song was a departure into improvisation land. I can’t tell you that any song was better than the other. I mean every song was a discovery of long, unscripted jams. Several times, Joe would do a solo of blazing speed and note count, that would traverse all octaves and strings, and last for over half a minute. UN-BE-LEVABLE! He just blew doors, and probably set a world record for most notes play in a single evening! This show was HIGHLY different than any other Satch show that I've been to, and I've been to a lot. Oh yeah, my wife and I took one of our sons (13), and our daughter (10). They loved it. What a first concert to go to! Now, my kids will be disappointed the rest of their lives whenever they go to another concert other than Joe. Oh well...

I must agree with the review on sound. However, it was a little muddy at first, but they soon got it cleared up, and then it was awesome! Best sound for Joe that I've geard at this venue. Joe’s new setup was SMOKIN’! The whole band was in the groove. Matt was killer on the bass; as good as Stu. Jeff was wailing, and Galen did a fantastic job on rhythm.

Since everyone’s already covered the magnitude of the show, I’ll try and give you a glimpse of the set list. It was a mixture from every album except EoC. He played a lot of songs that he’s never played before, or has not played in a long time. He played almost none of his usual songs, except for one here and there. He opened with the first two songs from "Crystal Planet"; "Up in the Sky", and "House Full of Bullets". Then "Cool #9", "Gnaah", from the new album, and "Time", from "Crystal Planet". Next was "Lords of Kharma", then two more from the new album, "If I Could Fly" and "It feels like Rain". Then, he played one from NOTE, "Hordes of Locust", which I must say was fantastic...unbelievable jamming in this song...way cool! I think he played one more song, then took a break.

After the break, it just kept getting better, and more diverse. They opened the 2nd set with "Starry Night", from SBM. Then another eclectic song, "Morrocan Sunset", from his named album. "Bamboo" and "Sailing", from the new album, were next. The next song, which impressed us was most, was "Strange" from FIABD, which is my family’s favorite. He played several more songs, but I can't remember the order, as by that time, I was so into the show that I lost track of the song order. I do remember that he played one song, and held an extremely long feedback note at the end. He just sat there for a while, and it evolved into FIABD, with the radio interference and all. At the end, they came out for one long encore that included AWMAWY, "Satch Boogie", and SWTA, of course, with lots of improvisation. Joe truly showed why he's the best rock guitarist ever. He even snuck in part of "Eruption" from Van Halen at the end of SWTA.

Anyway, you know I always have to see Joe when he comes to town. I was concerned that the show would be trite (forgive me for saying such a thing), but this had to be the best Joe show that I've ever seen. If you see him on this tour, it will be a memory that will last for quite some time. I HIGHLY recommend that you go see Joe on this tour. You will not be disappointed, and will see him playing like never before. He's in a different groove this time. It's as if he's trying to throw the standard Joe show out the window, and just turn it loose. Completely on a new level than I've ever seen before. They were so into it, it was captivating. Truly a show for the Satch lovers in us all.

JoeFanFor18Years Fri Oct 08 '04
House Of Blues
Orlando, FL, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Oct 10, '04 5:17 pm
Great, eclectic set list. Thunderous crowd. Energized performances. I've seen Joe over 10 times that past 18 months and this was one of his best performances .... yet. I saw him in Hamburg, NY over the summer and his interest and enthusiasm was infectious. He seemed to be having fun and the new album seems to have rekindled his musicial spirt. BUT.... He turned it up a couple notches in Orlando. He was animated and interactive. And the odd set list is a real treat for diehard Satch fans. A couple of the songs I've not heard live since the late 1980s. Perhaps even most impressive is that Joe, Jeff, Matt, and Galen have jelled. They sound like a band, they act like a band, and they seem to have fun like a band. Matt's bass is top notch and he is a great performer. I can't wait till Friday... and then it's off to Baltimore for the second of my scheduled four Joe shows this tour.

(Mike Mauro)
Fri Oct 08 '04
House Of Blues
Orlando, FL, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Oct 10, '04 8:46 am

Friday night I went to Orlando to see Joe Satriani at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. It's nearly a two hour drive from my area in Tampa Bay but the House of Blues is my favorite venue period. Also we go to DisneyQuest before the show witch is literally right next to House of Blues and play video games all day. No one can beat me at Daytona eccept this older guy who's been playing for years.


I went to House of Blues expecting the same old same old. Not to say that isn't awesome, it is. But I have seen Satch six times before and he was pretty much the same with pretty much the same songs. Boy, was I proven wrong. It was the best Satch show I have ever seen. Also the best mixed show I've ever seen with the best sounding PA. Joe's mixer had a digital console which looked like a DigiDesign but it was something different. He had the console hooked up to the PA at House and Blues and it sounded out of this world. It was all controled by software with plugins and all kinds of stuff. I stood behind the console during the show and was able to watch him (the mixer) mix the show... it was bad ass.

Satch's new rig sounded amazing. He was running into two Peavey JSX half-stacks. It sounds amazing. His new tone sounds even better than his older tone which is saying a lot. The day after the show my friend who works at Sam Ash called me to let me know they just got a JSX head in the store. I went down there to give it a test and it was one of the best amps I have ever played. "Fat" switches on both the two drive channels, presence and resonance and a built-in noise gate. The only thing I didn't like about it was the lack a gain knob on the clean channel (it only had volume). The amp head is $1200 and it sounded much better than amps that are more expensive.


I liked the amp almost as much as my Tremoverb combo and if I wasn't able to get my Recto combo so cheap ($975) I would have gotten a JSX half stack. You guys should try this amp out. Be amazed.

Back to the show...

Joe Satriani is my favorite musician and favorite guitarist and this show completely blew me away and caught me off gaurd. I should have seen the show twice. It was "an evening with" concert which I haven't seen since 2000. It reminded me why listening to Satch's music for the first time made me want to be a musician. It was a set list for true hardcore Satch fans. He played most of the songs off his new album which he has never played live before and a ton of songs from older albums that he has either not played live ever or hasn't played in a long time. Songs like Lords of Karma, Motorcycle Driver and Physcho Monkey and this is only naming a few. This made the concert so fresh. The audience was in heaven. Satch's energy level was higher than I've ever seen on stage. He looked like he was really having a blast on stage. This might have been due to the fact it was only the third show of the tour but I doubt it. Also Satriani was improvising all over the place; a lot more than usual. I love to hear Satch improvise so this made the concert even that much more amazing for me. The concert was so captivating that it seemed to just fly by. I didn't realize how many songs he actually played and how long the show actually was until the day after the show; time flys. After the show people were yelling out loud "Oh my god! That was fucking amazing" Everyone who likes Satch should see a show from this tour. I have met Satch twice before but would have loved to have met him after this show.

(Lauri Benton)
Fri Oct 08 '04
House Of Blues
Orlando, FL, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Sat Oct 09, '04 6:25 am
Spent the evening with Satriani at HoB last nite. This is the 26th time I've seen Joe play and once again I have to say, MOST EXCELLENT thanks again Joe for never disappointing me. I'm thinking a 26-show attendance might earn me a free lifetime pass (aftershow even?). What say you Joe??? Peace & love Lauri (mother to Satch, the greatest rottweiler in the world)