show review
Musicman888 Sun Sep 05 '04
Chronicle Pavilion
Concord, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Sep 07, '04 11:58 pm

What a great day and evening...Bone Bash 5 was a great way to end the summer concert series with Joe Satriani, Deep Purple, Dokken, Blue Oyster Cult and Thin Lizzy. My ears are still ringing...even after wearing ear plugs!!!

All the bands were very good and performed really well despite the 100 degree plus weather. The show started at 4:30pm and ended at 11pm...what a day!! How about another DVD!!!

Joe Satriani and the band were so was another amazing experience by the group. I can't wait until you guys are back in the Bay about it!!

SPECIAL THANKS to Joe Satriani for the awesome FRONT row really take care of YOUR fans...Thank you so much for everything and in no particular order...1) the great seats, 2) the autograph picture, 3) the personal photo (i.e. remember the three Italian's picture!!!) and 4) the chance to speak with you for a few minutes. A truly awesome day and unforgettable experience!! Your the Best Joe!



JSW Sun Sep 05 '04
Chronicle Pavilion
Concord, CA, US
Rank: 9 Posted: Tue Sep 07, '04 10:47 pm

Joe , jeff, galen, and matt, you all done great, but as for deep purple, Steve Morse, he really realy did a great job of doing a solo song on his own, I vote him for G3!!

See you all in December


Bugie Lou
Sun Sep 05 '04
Chronicle Pavilion
Concord, CA, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Sep 07, '04 5:33 pm

Wotta turnout! The venue was already 2/3 filled by 5:00, and just heard Thin Lizzy wrap up while pulling into the lot. Blue Oyster Cult retained their chops and played crowd-pleasers such as Godzilla and Don't Fear the Reaper ("needs more cowbells" - SNL skit). Don Dokken and his band were also tight with great vocal harmonies. "Alone Again" is their ultimate signature song for me - put a smile on my face!

The sun has set, and now the mood was set for Satch Magic! To wild applause, he appropriately starts off with "Hands in the Air" and transitions to "Satch Boogie", and interspersed many favorites (Cool #9, Flying in a Blue Dream, Always with Me, Always with You, War) with new ITLIS tunes (I Like the Rain, Up in Flames, ITLIS, and GNAHH.) The only thing to complete "I Like the Rain" would've been a Harley rev-ving up in the background. The Chronicle has always been an excellent venue to feel the music and hear the clarity of each instrument, but this time they and/or Mike Manning and crew had outdone themselves! Every beautiful note of Joe's was distinguishable as was Matt's complementary bass. I actually could hear Galen too, as some concert halls can make everything sound muddy. I'm also convinced Jeff was born with drumsticks attached to his hands! Joe is the master when it comes to fluidity, improvising, and creating timeless compositions. Despite technical difficulties that night, your professionalism still made it seem like a flawless evening. You are leaders in precision AND it's evident you really enjoy performing! Your music transcends the category of being "dated." Joe, I hope you can get this year's tour on CD and/or DVD; I love all the extra creativity you add to your masterpieces. Thank you for being our headliner for the evening! See you at the Sleeptrain tonight!