show review
tarheel Tue Aug 24 '04
Xcel Energy Center
St. Paul, MN, US
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Aug 30, '04 6:56 pm
Amazing show. I literally had the best seat in the house. Front row, exact center. (SEE PHOTOS WHEN POSTED). Joe & crew came out and just tore into the set. Great version of Cool #9. I really enjoy how Joe seems to just creatively come up with new intros to songs. A good sampling from the great new cd, "Love in Space" was in the set. One interesting thing about this show... it began at 6:30 with Thin Lizzy (great show in itself), then when Joe took the stage, he mentioned he was just going to jam because they were on a time schedule. Apparently, the entire show (including Deep Purple) had to be done at 10:30. This forced Joe to alter his set and finish up with "Goin' Down" instead of what was originally listed on the set list taped on the stage. Nonetheless, Joe played with great energy and gave the crowd an excellent show. Joe is truely one of those guys who enjoys playing and doesn't make it out to be a job like some other artists. Truely something to appreciate. Thanks for a great show, Joe.