show review
robjoice Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Jul 16, '04 9:45 am

Amazing show!!!! Vai came out 2 hours early and signed some autographs and allowed us to take some photos! That was so kool. Then Satch came out at 6.45 and I took the opportunity to get a photo, an autograph and a right hand shake after telling me,"Well I need my left hand for playing". The show was absolutely amazing. However, Fripp's music didn't seem to be going anywhere and I couldn't tell if he had moved on to the next song or not. He spent most of his time turning round and messing on with stuff around him. I didn't have a clue what he was doing. However, it was an approach to the guitar that I've never seen before and was interesting nonetheless, but he didn't seem to do very much except mess with his pedals. Interesting music yes, but, in respect, not very exciting for the audience.

Vai was amazing. He had a great sense of humour and interacted well with the audience, pulling faces and waving his arms as he played. The highlight here was his 3-neck and when his band played each others' instruments. Oh! And the "guitar duel" between Vai and McAlpine was top class! Timing was very tight here too. I wasn't too keen on him before the gig but he removed all doubt. He is klass!!!

Satch came out to the loudest applause and went immediately into rippin' some ass with "Hands In The Air" from his new album. Plenty new songs were there as well as some classics including "Satch Boogie" and "War". "War" was my highlight here. Everyone started movin' to the catchy riffs in this song and I couldn't help it either! Simply amazing again lol. "Searching" and "Gnaahh" were also nice introductions into his new sounds and I expected them since I've listened to Is There Love In Space? non-stop.

The G3 Jam was incredible and Fripp "redeemed" himself here. His solos were extraordinary and he fitted in well with Vai and Satriani. I admired his ability to adapt here. "Ice 9" was great - all 3 played separate solos and it fitted together nicely, with Fripp having a surprising solo that I didn't expect. The King Crimson jam was also very catchy and I got into it straight away. "Rockin' In The Free World", the last song of the night, was a great end to an incredible night. Despite Fripp sitting down all the way through his performances, I understood that this was probably his most comfortable way of playing. The G3 Experience was out of this world. What better than having 3 of the best guitarists in the world right in front of you?!

So then, overall, 1 word - phenomenal. Pictures, autographs, handshakes and amazing performances made this an experience of a lifetime. With one year of experience on the guitar, I definitely need determination and optimism. I found it here without a doubt.

So...Suggestion for the next G3? Kirk Hammett!

biggeordie Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 10 Posted: Tue Jul 13, '04 10:38 pm

This was my first time seeing not one but THREE of the best guitarists in the world live, and certainly with Vai & Satriani probably the best two guitarists in the world.

What can I say but "OH MY GOD"......................

Fripp started wioth some weird shxt!..............nuff said!

Vai started the gig properly in typical melodramatic fashion with his giant fan blowing his golden locks back from his face. Feeling every note, and delivering every melody in the way we all expected he would he was just superb, showing us loads of different aspects of guitar playing with each and every track he played.

Vai's track list was good and varied and kept the audience mesmerised from the minute he walked on stage untill he left.


Mr Satriani seemed to float onto the stage and an enormaous roar went up from the crowd as the most mercurial of all guitarists got ready to blow us all away!

I got up off the floor after giving it a wayne's world "were not worthy" bow for a minute or two and then off we went!

Joe Satriani is very simply the best guitarist on the planet, he looked cool as fxck, played his absolute heart out, and even sang live!........not bad Joe..not bad at all!

Gliding across the stage and interacting with his band they pumped out the classics as you would expect, but "Is there love in space" was the track that got me going.............what a song...............what an album,.............what an absolute legend this guy is!

I felt completely humbled after this gig and for the first time in my life drove home in my 300bhp Subaru Impreza within the speed limits as I re-lived every single bit of joes performance.

So there you have it, I wont list the tracks that were played, I wont linger on the fact that the production could have been better, but I will stress that if you weren't at this gig you missed out BIG TIME!

Oh and anyone thinking about going out in a super fast car and driving outside of the speed limits simply listen to "Satch Boogie" at full volume before you leave and then you will drive slowly as you ponder how this amazing individual actually plays the guitar like that!

You Rock Joe



willetts_64 Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jul 09, '04 4:28 pm

The show was a great one!

I arrived at about 1945, just catching the end of Robert Fripp's, apparently, mediocre set. It was surreal, because i was standing in the foyer looking into the auditorium and thinking "Oh god, Fripp is just tuning up". Turns out, that "tune up" was one of his songs.

Steve Vai then marched on and greeted the crowd. I must admit i didnt have particularly high hopes of Steve holding my attention for his full set. He totally blew me away though! The rendition of "Im The Hell Outta Here", with the "neck swapping" stunt, got more adrenaline pumping than watching the G3 DVD!

Billy Sheehan is a great bassist, and one of my idols and one of the many inspirations in my bass writing. It was, therefore, great to see the man himself doing what very few can do as well.

The interval was tense. just waiting around for Joe to play. I was anxious for everybody to take their seats again.

The performance restarted with a blisterig version of Hands In The Air. Hearing Joe live is like listening to the CD, but loud! He is note perfect.

After GGNNAARR!!! He threw his pick into the crowd, it landed near me. Me and this other guy looked around for it until i eventually spotted it under a chair! I was over the moon.

The sound was spot on. Even from where i was standing, in the right hand aisle, abou 5 rows back. The City Hall is a good place for this type of music because the acoustics, in my view, are pretty good for its shape. The bass wasnt overpowering, but was still prominent, which was a good mix.

The version of War that Joe played made my night. Its my alltime fave song, bar none. Knowing its not normally in the set list, i didnt hold my hopes high of hearing it, but i did.

The G3 experience was great. The Ice 9 song was formidable, possibly the song of the night. Ice 9 showed us that Robert Fripp CAN pull out a very cutting shred, even if its not his usual musical taste. That solo impressed my greatly, as did the screams and harmonics of Satch and Vai.

The best gig i have seen, and probably will ever see. Unless i get to see Dream Theater in my lifetime, fingers crossed.

Hope everybody else enjoyed the night as i did.

mattrocke Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 9 Posted: Wed Jun 30, '04 6:16 am

First time to see either Satriani or Vai live (& Fripp). I was looking forward to seeing Satriani first as he did first sets in earlier G3 tours [I have the DVD's], but my appetite was building up as I enjoyed Fripp then Vai.

Just like to say thanks Satch for being cool, you're an inspiration to my guitar playing!

Matt Rocke [pronounced 'ROCK']

dmac Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Jun 28, '04 1:47 am
Oh my oh my the world has just changed in a small way for some and in a big way for me THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU see you at R.A.H.

philthedrummer Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 27, '04 5:50 am

This gig was amazing even fripp was amazin when he played that solo in ice 9 i was blown away it was class. Every one played extremely well i was very impressed with jeff and jeremy they played outstanding. I hope to see g3 come back again soon.

ps. Sugestions for the next tour John Petrucci or Paul Gilbert. They are both outstanding players and i feel they would really add to the event and make this an outstanding evening.

mima Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 27, '04 4:27 am
This was the first time I had the enormous pleasure of seeing Joe live in concert; before that I had to content myself with watching him on DVD. He was brilliant. As for Steve Vai, the term "guitar god" certainly applies. I was disappointed in Robert Fripp's performance; I didn't think the set he played had any relevance to what was to follow...but each to their own. I hope the boys decide to visit Newcastle again soon...personally I can't wait!!

espgriffyn Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jun 26, '04 12:21 pm

I waited round the stage door side of the venue before the gig started,and was lucky enough to Get Autographs from Steve Vai,Joe Satriani,Dave Weiner and Jeff Campitelli. great Blokes!

on to the gig.I was in the 7th row in the left stalls,right next to the aisle on the gorund floor. Top seats. The Show started with the frankly crap Fripp. The Audience did not care for his sub standard set. 30 minutes of tuneless rubbish. He sat on his stoll the entire time.

the Came Vai,Playing the triple neck Jem. He played some solos a little,then launched into his set head first. Despite what some people have said about the sound at other shows,it was great here, He played Amazing renditions of "Giant balls of gold" and "whispering a prayer", these were the highlights of the show for me and my two companions that night. Vais Drummer was quite simply outstanding, he was so full of a youthful power often missing in music today. His drumming on "whispering a prayer was amazing",the way hed hit his huge tom with both sticks,then click them above his head twice before continuing. I think after Fripp,the audience were ready for some real music,and the crowdwent wild for Vai and his band. Out of all the people that night,I think Vai and his band connected with the audience the best.

After that,there was a short interlude,then Satch came out, Joe was truly amazing,playing some of his old songs mixed with some new ones. Cool #9 was the highleight of his set,the atmosphere coming from the stage on that song was simply brilliant. He went on to play some new ones,Including "I like the rain" which I instantly fell in love with. right before the end of his set he Said, "now,we're gonna play a few songs all at once. the first one is about what goes on up there,the second is about what goes on down here,and the second is about what goes on between us". He then played "Is there Love is Space",then the old Favourite "War"and then a perfect rendition on "Flying in a Blue dream". his band were great. Jeff Campitelli appeared to be having a great time,but then who wouldnt ahve a great time onstage with these great musicians?

Finally,there was the "real G3 Experience". they started with "Ice Nine",with Vai and Satriani together at the front of the stage,playing with the same amazing quality that they always do. Fripp however,sat in his chair,and played some solos that failed to amaze. Thankfuly his contributions were fewer than Satch and Vais.

Then came "red". this track was notably less grooveful than the previous track,but Satch and Vai managed to save it.. However,humourously, Fripp started to plays fast at one point,right as the other 2 guitairsts hit a big riff. the audience were cheering becasue it finally looked like he was going for it,however,Fripp was buried in the mix and what we could really hear was satch and Vai.

The Final Song was an excellent "Rocking in the Free world". Again,the the Duo played well again,but fripp failed to make a mark. Some members of the audience were siging along,it was amazing. At the every end,all the musicians took a bow at the front,butFripp sat there,stony as ever,and did not bow. I thought it was very disrespectful of him.

All in all,it was amazing night,and I dont think it will be bettered unless they come again next year with john Petrucci or someone. Frip was a poor choice,surly there was more on offer.

denna Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jun 26, '04 10:29 am
Absolutely amazing !! To see 2 of the greatest guitarists ever playing live on our doorstep backed by their own elite musicians was a dream come true. Robert Fripp got the show on the road with a strange, but tranquilising set which I thought was in total contrast with what was to come. I guess it was an exhibition of how versatile the guitar can be ! The only disappointing part about Fripps set was the visual side of things. A man on a stool tucked away in the corner and it looked if though he hardly touched his guitar throughout the set. However, during the G3 set he didn't disappoint as he came alive with some amazing riffing and solo work. Then, the way Steve came on stage literally took everyone by surprise. Cool as you like ! What a performance from him and his crew. I've seen Steve twice before and he's never disappointed. Totally unorthodox yet clinical in the way he plays. For Joe, this is the first time I've seen him live and hopefully it will not be the last. He made playing the guitar look so easy and I thought his set blended the rocky tunes with the ballads perfectly. It was great to hear live renditions of songs from his new album, particularly 'Searchin' and 'Is there love in space'. The G3 experience, as Joe put it, at the end was simply unforgettable. I'm looking forward to the next G3 gigs already !!

nodge Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 9 Posted: Sat Jun 26, '04 6:17 am

Robert Fripp - odd... very odd introduction. An instantly forgetable half hour, which, was probably very difficult to compose and play, but, lost me.

Stevie Vai - superb showman - excellent band. It was a pleasure to see Tony MacAlpine and Billy Sheehan.

Mr Satriani - perfect - as ever. Excellent set selection - 'Always' with a twist was a definite highlight, 'Flying' made my night.

Hopefully such a well attended gig will assure us of another gig in Newcastle!!!! SOON!!!!

ibanezrule Fri Jun 25 '04
City Hall, Newcastle,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jun 26, '04 1:47 am

This was the first time i have ever been 2 c joe or steve but they didnt dissapoint me the set's they each played wer absolutely amazin te same as there guitar skills.

I have to say steve's utha guitarist's mr.weiner and the utha guy i cant rememba his name were also amazin wen they tried to play wat steve was playin (nice try guys). I didnt think much of Robert Fripp u cudnt hear wat he was playin half the time so i cudnt tel wat he was really like. I managed 2 get right in front of steve wen he came on nd played his 3 necked guitar and also he gave me 1 of his water bottles which made my nite lol. Hope u guys cum back next year put on anutha excellent show thanks for a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!