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tonyguitarwilliams Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
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davidfallows Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 6 Posted: Fri Jul 02, '04 4:12 am

Excellent gig. It's a pity you have to remain at your seat behind some dude who has a big head.

The seats under the balconies offer zero treble - everything sounds incredibly muffled. I feared this after watching UFO the week before.

The security are assholes too.

The Apollo sucks Joe, next time go to the Academy instead.

What was wrong with Fripp? His input was minimal to say the least. I know the guy has problems at the mo' but I'd certainly recommend Michael Schenker for the next visit man.

fleaaaaaa Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: Posted: Tue Jun 29, '04 3:57 pm

This was my first G3 concert, brilliant show, still recovering a bit. Got to the apollo, grabbed a satch shirt and went in and i was shocked, seats!?! I couldn't believe there were seats at a rock concert, but I got used to it when Steve Vai came on and well I'll say a little more below. Robert Fripp started at around 7.30, I'll be honest and tell you I didn't really get his music, I think most people had come to hear some rock music and he just wasn't playing it and I wished he'd come out of the dark corner he was hiding in. I don't know how many songs Fripp played it was hard to tell where one ended and another began.

Next up was Steve Vai, he came on and said hey, did a few songs and introduced his band and told us how he had a cold. I have to give it to mr Vai, he's a true entertainer, the way he moves, the way he plays. Very unique performer and I doubt I'll ever see another quite like him. I'd say Vai played around ten songs, for me the special moment was for the love of god, which had an extended introduction with the keyboard player doing the main melody then vai taking it, one of the greatest lines to grace guitar.

After that it was time to have a 15 minute break and a soggy cornetto, thanks manchester apollo ;).

Next was Joe Satriani, first of all a few people stood up, then everyone in the room. Satch obviousely pleased with this just let himself enjoy the moment and jam a lot during his songs, with extended intros and outros and he did an excellent job. I'd never heard the outro he did for Always with me, always with you. He kicked off with Hands in the air, played 6 songs from the new album and I enjoyed them much more live, he also played war, the bluesy cool #9, flying in a blue dream and of course the song i knew he had to play Satch Boogie. He seemed to enjoy himself was jumping around for a while and bobbing his head and also said how he loved playing the apollo as he felt he could jam. I wouldn't have minded a few more songs from Satch though such as Rubina and the extremist.

Finally they finished doing a jam, starting with satch's Ice 9, Fripp sitting in his dark corner at the back still so it was mostly Vai and Satch stealing the show. The other songs they jammed on were Red by king crimson which I didn't know, Steve Vai's song murder which I didn't know either and finally Rockin in the free world which Satch sung, all good jams but rockin in the free world was definately the best. I'd definatelky like to see G3 again, though I'd rather have someone who's not as shy as fripp next time, Slash would be a great choice. I'd also like to see Satriani on his own sometime, so hopefully he will come to the apollo on his own next year.

rigbo Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 8 Posted: Sun Jun 27, '04 12:45 pm

My son and I really enjoyed this gig. Joe seemed to really enjoy himself, I have never seem him quite so animated whilst playing.

The only complaint I have is that the mix sounded really unclear from the back, with the guitar overshadowing everything.

Other than that the gig was brilliant.

Keep on keeping on Joe!!

oompaguitar Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 9 Posted: Sun Jun 27, '04 3:13 am

This was my First G3 concert i had been to, and i was not disapointed. The stage set up was great and the view from where i was sat was really good and clear. The first man to attend the stage (well, sit in the corner) was Robert Fripp. I must admit i was very bored 'watching' and listening to his music. I think he was trying to be all arty and what not, but from where i was sat it did'nt actually look like he was playing anything at all. Boredom hit me quite fast when he was half way through the first song. After Fripps exit came on the magnificent Steve Vai, who for me stole the show. He did a great selection of songs and his stage presence and performance ability was amazing. The best song he did was 'Juice' in my opinion, was really good and performed really well. After the Interval came on Fripp again, luckily he only played for a minute and then Satriani came to the stage. To see Satriani in the same room as me was amazing but i was quite dissapointed with his set. He did a few classics which i liked (always with me, Blue dream, Cool#9, satch boogie), but also did way too many new ones. I can understand he wanted to get the new stuff out there and played but there was'nt that much of a balance between old and new. The G3 jam was cool, Fripp is a great player when he 'plays' and Vai and Satch both played amazingly. Overall, the gig was ace. Vai stole the show, Satch was great and Fripp was ok ( Only in the G3 Jam, the individual performance was nasty).


brookie Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sun Jun 27, '04 1:26 am
This is the third G3 thing I have seen in the UK going back to 1997 when the whole idea started and it still delivers. Robert Fripp started things off, and although he wasn't everybody's cup of tea, what we must remember here is the G3 concept is like a celebration of the electric guitar and what sounds can be produced from it rather than just a full on rock show. With that in mind Robert's playing fitted the bill perfectly. What can be said about Mr Vai that hasn't been said already - "weaving sonic tapestries from hell" quote Coverdale - Wonderful and his band as tight as ever and loving everyminute of it. Joe is just Joe, perfection, hairs standing up on the back of your neck meoldic guitar, and as laid back as ever. The jam thing gave Robert chance to shred it up a bit and "Red" was one of the night's highlights. Thank you guys for keeping the G3 going and long may you keep visiting these shores. I have now decided to try and catch one of the G3 USA shows next time round. Any plans for a live recording of any of these shows as Joe's new stuff sounded even better live or failing that anybody got a bootleg!!

njbeast Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jun 26, '04 1:35 pm


Joe Satriani...What a gig Joe was amazing the best i have ever see him play, Is The Love In Space, War and Then Flying In A Blue Dream. What an order, The songs of the new album are fantasic live as on the cd. I dont think Joe reconized me as when i met him on theS>B>M tour i had Bleched Blond Hair, But I was there Satch righ at the front snaping away with my camra getting down To the songs. I was a bit sad i did not get to meet him again, im sure there will be more chances...

Steve Vai.... Man That Was A fantastic set list, Man the way Tony started of For The Love Of God on keyboards was Amazing and Wispering A Prayer made me cry. And having been there all day (at one point in his tour bus showing him how i can play For Love Of God ( when he asked me to show him) and then him showing me parts ) What a day all album covers singed my guitar and i even got a pick he threw at me at the end of his set. And the whole playing each other's guitar thing My girlfriend (Frankie) went MAD OVER after me making her watch it 1000000's of time on DVD was amazing, and when Dave Weiner phoned my girlfriend for me from my mobile was so funny. and Vai rang my mate (Ian) at work for me, WHAT A DAY...

Robert Fripp... ??????????????? Did'nt quite get his vibe up there, and did'nt see much of him over there in the corner...

G3.... Amazing, The chance to see Satch and Vai on the same stage was out of this world... NOW THAT'S WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF...

Dave Wren xxx

thesurgicalspirit Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 9 Posted: Sat Jun 26, '04 8:14 am
The Robert Frip Soundscapes were Sooo relaxing, I was soooo relaxed even the people talking around me didn't detract from the music, they became part of the sounscape. Steve was extremely impressive, expressive & just on the case, despite having a cold. He did mention his nose was streaming, Was that why his shirt was green? Joe just walked on like he owned the place, several seconds later he did, with everybody on their feet cheering. His playing is sooo effortless, just fantastic. I only went to the gig to see Robert (Because he's decided never to tour Europe with King Crimson again, so this might have been the last chance to see him Live in Europe never mind the U.K.) but I think I'll be back for the next G3 whenever that may be, even if Robert's with them or not.

crystal1 Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Jun 26, '04 5:15 am
Unfortunately I too was guilty of mistaking Robert Fripp for a guitar tech...woops!! :) Perhaps if he hadn't been sat in the back corner of the stage under a weak spotlight we would have known better!! Interesting though... Lil Steve Vai walked onstage shortly after 8 and despite an awesome performance everyone stayed in their seats! Why??? If there was one thing I could change about a satch tour it would be the venues. Seats are BAD at rock gigs!!!! And security at the Apollo is always OTT. Anyway...I digress...Steve had a cold and didn't do very much talking - just got on with the job - and blew me away! Although I'd be shocked if he had done any less! ;) ever...played a nice mix of the old and the new...and as expected played it beautifully. The track that particularly stood out for me from the new record was 'Searching' - and he gave the whammy one hell of a workout!! I was only in the 2nd row at the front so had to hold my mouth shut just in case he'd noticed me gawping!! Amazing!! So the night rolled easily into the now famous G3 jam (although it was more like a G2 jam this time!) and the only thing missing was a hendrix track! Drumsticks and plecs were thrown at the very end and yet again I didn't catch anything! :( However...I rounded off my night by getting my stuff signed by Billy and Steve and went home a happy bunny. Can't wait for my next dose tomorrow at the NIA...and I promise to pay attention to Fripp's set this time.....

b1gt1m Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 4:50 pm
Hi all, what a stormer of a gig! Robert Fripp was an amazing guitarist, the stuff he was playing with joe and steve was quite amazing-that guy can really shred it up! I was near the front and close enough to see his fingers on the neck, the scales and modes he was using during the G3 Jam were so good I would have to say that he made Joe look, well, almost an amateur! I was really angry at the fact that when Robert was playing his set at the start, people were still making loud conversation! This was totally out of order in my view. As for Steve and Joe, they were simply Excellent, Steve wasn't well, yet he had the balls, showmanship and musicianship to get on stage and floor the lot of us! His backing band were second to none, need I say more? Joe was like a "live wire"! I loved every second of his set. He was truly inspiring to me personally. I liked his new JS guitars. Not to sure about the amps though. He didn't seem to be able to control the harmonic overtones like with the marshall setup he normally uses! The tone was more full and fat though. I was well impressed with the G3 jam. Hearing "RED" played by these guys was absolutley jaw dropping! Bleedin' Hell! That set really kicked my head in!

thecheese Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 12:57 pm
Wow! Joe was on fire tonight. very lively, very animated and a pleasure to see him just plain rockin! Vai was stunning too, a true showman n every sense. The place was packed out and the crowd were for the most part lively (we British are never too excited!!!). Robert Fripp made for an interesting choice fo third player with some awesome ambience and FX tweak, multi delayed, multi reverbed tones! interesting choice and a bit different, which is always a good thing. god damn, what an awesome show. Vai and Satch dueting on Ice 9 was highlight...on to Birmingham and Nottingham for 2 more shows! See you there!

donnygyuk Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 7 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 12:09 pm

Just come back from the G3 gig in Manchester. It's my first G3 gig I've been to and it's been one heck of a concert. Satch and Mr Vai. Thank you very much for your performance. You guys are the best.

Robert Fripp came on first playing with some ambient music. I thought he was a guitar tech until later on. A few people didn't realise it was him and the audience wasn't set at this point.

Steve Vai came on after with his 3 neck Ibanez playing some of the songs on the g3 DVD and a few others such as Whispering a Prayer and For the love of god. Fantastic, and he had a cold as well. Satch's performance was just as amazing playing 6 songs from his 'Is There Love In Space album'. He stormed in playing Hands In the Air. That was awesome. They sounded even better live. Satch and Vai both played roughly 18 songs between them. I really lost count.

The trio jam at the end was more like a duet but that was good enough for me. Robert Fripp sat at the back corner. The 3 songs were Ice 9, a song from King Crimson and Rockin In the Free World.

Hats off to you guys. See you next year.

dontforgetthebassist Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 11:16 am
All i can say is THANK YOU! There have been reperts that in the other europe shows it was too loud. These people know nothing. If you dont go deaf in at least one ear after the show then you havnt got your money's worth. All the Gs were amazing (as expected) Fripp was a little different but once he got started he was ok. Satch was really showing his best and received a standing ovation. Vai was also incredible (again as expected)

neill Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 7:49 am
joe was amazin an so was vai but joe is just the koolest of kool.

mechamred Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 6:50 am

We all know the deal with Fripp's set - repeated sustained notes over and over... it's interesting, but there's nothing stopping you going to the bar since he's on first. There was one bit where he briefly played some glittery arpeggios and at the end it got more dissonant, but it was pretty much just the same thing. \\

I'm not a huge Vai fan but he obviously puts on a great show. Broke a string on the first song so improv'd some ridiculous whammying. His band were very impressive. Of course For the Love of God finished his set awesomely. \\ Satch's set in order: Hands in the Air, Satch Boogie, Cool #9, Gnaah, I like the Rain, Up in Flames, Always With Me (Quite an extended end), Searching, Is There Love in Space, War, Flying in a Blue Dream For some reason everyone decided to stand up for Satch's set! Fripp seemed to come on at least by Is There Love in Space, and double the rhythm parts mostly. He was certainly playing the riff to War. \\ Ice 9 - Fripp really shredded it up, to the surprise of many who had only experienced him from his soundscapes!

Red - An interesting rework of the KC song - the intro ascend was replaced with the melody from Court of the Crimson King, the "pre-chorus" was made a lot more groovy and the bridge section's bassline simplified a lot for the soloing. Fripp's solo here was a chaotic chromatic thing, Satch and Vai did great solos, quite surreal seeing it actually!

Vai had a relatively brief song leading into Rockin' in the Free World, all three put out wonderful solos there. Mad unison part in the middle with Satch and Vai.

Thanks to whoever handed me the pick after Searching!

thestalker Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 4:42 am
I Have been looking forward to this gig for ages and it was truly amazing to see satriani and vai on the same night and i even shook robert fripp's hand after the gig. I have sworn to be at every g3 gig from now on!!!!!

the_whitterer Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 9 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 4:33 am
Finally recovered from an outstanding performance, this is my 3rd time seeing Joe and my second G3, the first Denver last year. Robert Fripp was different and not really my cup of tea and annoyingly sat at the back of the stage and I would estimate a good 20% of the audience could not see him, me included. After 30 minutes of Mr. Fripp on came Steve to a huge cheer. I've only seen Steve play once before but I am amazed at his natural ability and prowess of the guitar. I'm not familiar with the names of the songs but he seemed to play all the old favourites and a few new ones, highlight for me was Juice. Now after about 15 mins of the stage being set on came Joe and his band and they were in amazing form. Played a lot of the new stuff off Is there love in space and I for one was delighted. A brilliant selection of old classics and new classics soon to be, I won't go into details of what was played but it was a rare treat and an exceptionally well balanced set. Mr fripp joined in at the end of the set and added another dimension to the music and it worked superbly, could it get any better? Off course it could because all three had did their jam thing and it worked superbly, Fripp took a back seat (no pun intended) why Joe and Steve took turns in blistering licks with the occasional blast from Robert, stunning stuff from all three. Boy I can't wait for Newcastle tonight, see you there chaps.

thebeautifulguitar Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 4:09 am
this was my frist g3 gig and i loved it. can not wait to see another one somewhere. did not like Robs bit at the start but when he played with u that was better. hope to see u again

slim Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 4:02 am

We didn't arrive till nearly 8.00pm and had missed most of the first 'G', Robert Fripp who, on first glance, looked like a guitar tech!! (Sorry Robert!). He was playing some ambient stuff and from where we were, we had a pretty good view of him, and he didn't appear to be playing anything over the track! (I'm sure he was though). It was partially ruined by some idiot shouting that England were 1-nil up against Portugal. On the whole he went down reasonably well, but we ended up having to ask if it had been him! Steve was outstandingly good, and he seems to bring out the best in his fellow musicians, with two other guitarists backing him up as well as the awsome bass player and drummer! - Fantastic stuff. Again he had a couple of problems, namely his 3-guitar beast breaking a string and one of his effects had been unplugged by mistake. It did not detract from his performance though - AWESOME! Joe was also on exceedingly fine form, (as usual), and blasted out some of the stuff from the new album as well as some of the old favourites (flying in a blue dream and 'always with me, always with you' to name two). The jam session was excellent, and as I've never heard King Crimson before, the song red certainly gave me an insight, we also saw Robert playing some amazing stuff. It's only a pity that he didn't come forward from his position at the back of the stage. There's no doubt he can play, so why didn't the guy step up!?

What can I say, Brilliant, brilliant, Brilliant!!! - Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing you again!

richo Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 10 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 1:59 am
Hi everyone what an amazing night Robert Fripp started the show with some unusual sounds the crowd gave him a good recieption and seemed to have enjoyed his stuff. Then the viabriant mr Vai came on and the Apollo roared once again Steve performed a blinding set starting with his triple kneck guitar, the songs Whispering a prayer, Juice, For the love of God, just to name a few. Mr Vai is an incrediable showman with a bunch of very talented musicians, the crowd were amazed with such awsome power. A short break and Joe takes to the stage the roof was lifted the crowd screamed with delight, Joe looked so cool with his red guitar and matching shades. All the new stuff from "Is there love in space" Hands in the air GNAAH, Up in flames, Is there love in space, and my very favorite track SEARCHING. Old favorites Always with me always with you, War Cool#9 and my all time favorite Fying In A Blue Dream. Great performance once again from Jeff Matt , Galen, solid backing never faultering strong and powerful great stuff JEFF if you read this send me some infomation on your kit so i can put it on my site PLEASE yea and Matt, an Galen cheers?. Joe played a stunning set his presence is just amazing i never want his gigs to end? But it did end with the G3 Jam Vai, Fripp and Joe. They performed brilliant togther what an experience to see such talented guys play such great song such as Red, King Crimson and Rocking in a free World. The Apollo was certainly rocking cant wait for sat night gig NIA see you Joe and all you very talented people.

wildwayz Thu Jun 24 '04
Apollo, Manchester,
Rank: 7 Posted: Fri Jun 25, '04 1:49 am

Just wanted to write a short review of this gig - I only just got back and it is midnight!

We arrived at about 7:30 and the doors were open. Upon finding our seats (front row centre ;)) we looked at the stage and saw this old guy in the back corner of the stage sitting down. He just sat there with a Les Paul and proceeded to "play". Reason I say "play" is because there was some ambient music and what he was playing didn't match it. It was hard to see him and he made no introduction. This went on until about 8:10 where he went off stage. People were saying "was that a guitar tech?" - no, it was Robert Fripp.

Steve Vai then came on and said he had a cold, so asked us to forgive him for blowing his nose all the time then whipped out his triple neck guitar. About 5 mins into the song, he snapped a string on it so his tech handed him EEEEEEEEEEVOOOOOOO (I thought Evo was retired?). They continued the song. Julia was positively wet from gawping at Mr Vai and his flowing in the wind hair and after a few songs, Vai threw a plectrum our way and there was a scuffle of people trying to find it. Excellent set. At the end of the set there was a brief 15min break where Julia, to the horror of those around us, found the pick Steve tossed at us ;)

Joe came on and blew everyone away playing a load of songs from ITLIS and some oldies like War, FIABD, AWMAWY etc People were now standing up and getting to the grove! He was pretty energetic - even stood on the drummers platform and jumped off. He had his JS1200, JS1000WH and a squiggly JS guitar... But he also had another red guitar that looked like it was transparent red - was gorgeous.

Now, after Joe finished, Julia and I went home - I have a stinking cold and spent most of the night spluttering into various tissues :( So we left just before the Jam - which in all honesty, it's basically Joe and Steve noodling with Robert Fripp "playing".

So in conclusion - it was more like G2 and not G3. Robert Fripp was a SEVERE disappointment and I wish he wasn't there. He was way outta place. Why couldn't they have got someone else who is an instrumental rock guitarist - heck, maybe even let Tony McAlpine have a solo set?

Oh, they were also selling Dave Weiners CD there, but it was sold out when I went to buy it :(

The pics I took are here: Be warned, they didn't come out too great :/