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nickepojken Wed Jun 16 '04
Goeta Lejon, Stockholm,
Rank: 8 Posted: Thu Jul 01, '04 2:06 am

I really enjoyed this show. We should all feel blessed that we can enjoy this kind of guitar-playing. Thank you for the dedication. It is clear to me that Vai is in another dimension with the way he plays. On this night though Joe was the shining star. Cool, grooving, hot-oiled licks, great !! How about that Fripp-guy? I still don't know. Thanks again for being an inspriation not just in music, but in life. To me you are important people.

Niklas from Stockholm

hazelnutz Wed Jun 16 '04
Goeta Lejon, Stockholm,
Rank: 8 Posted: Sun Jun 20, '04 8:38 am you'll find a review from the G3 concert at Goeta Lejon in Sweden.

You'll also find pictures from the concert!!!

By the way..Great Concert..especially Mr. Joe Satriani!!!

Claes "Hazelnut" Hassel

Rock 'n' Prog

wikberg Wed Jun 16 '04
Goeta Lejon, Stockholm,
Rank: 8 Posted: Fri Jun 18, '04 3:46 pm
Satriani and Vai was impessive as usual! To see Satch, my favourite guitar hero, live is always an outstanding happening, even though the sound at the venue was a real disapointment. And the fact that I never saw Mr.Fripp during the entire show places this concert at my top 3 of strangest shows ever. I mean G3? Not really, more like G2,5 actually. But please come back to Stockholm, I'll be there!

okammad Wed Jun 16 '04
Goeta Lejon, Stockholm,
Rank: 6 Posted: Fri Jun 18, '04 8:57 am
Hmm, ok... This is a hard one to review when you're trying to be open for all kinds of music, but this combination with Mr.Fripp is just not right. Don't get me wrong , Robert Fripp is a great musician in his own way. To describe his preformance you might say that it was like a mix of music for relaxing and backgroundmusic for undersea documentarys, you might get the picture. Me and my friend sat and made dolphine and whale sounds, just to make the time go faster. It just felt like everybodey looked at eatchother after his set trying to see if anyone else got the picture... So when Steve came on it was a little like waking up from a hopeless dream, anyway he sure brought us back on track playng his trippleneck so good. Maybe he had falled asleep backstage during Fripps set, course he didn't seem so inspired all the time, then again its hard to play for a sitting audience. Just as hard as beeing a great crowd, but he sure did pull of some blazing stuff with his band. The one who really owned the show this evning was of course Satch, you could tell that he was in a good mode. From the first tone till the last he was amazing, some of the highlights was the blues intro to Cool#9 and when he told us that mighty Yngwie had tought him how to throw picks to the audience(too bad they didn't brought "our viking" back home). The G3-jam or G2 if you like, where mostly ruined by Mr.Fripps weird soundswalls. All tree songs(Ice Nine, Red and Rocking in the free world) lost their feeling and structure when the two guitarists left over to the one trying make weird noise. If you have heard or read of G3 in the past you might have expected more of a shredfest. Then i must say that if Goeta Lejon hadn't closed their doors the people in Helsinki would have gotten a great preview of their show on friday, the sound level in there was way to high. Just becourse the sound guys got great tools they don't have to make us deaf. Overall this was a great show, but it could have been so much better. Maybe i should stop now before i'll start sounding like a boring pensioner, one last thing. Please Joe and Steve come again, Sweden really needs you and if you're still gonna call it for G3 please bring a third guitarist. Thanks

falkenberg Wed Jun 16 '04
Goeta Lejon, Stockholm,
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 17, '04 4:48 am

Brilliant show!

Robert Fripp: He played stuff from his soundscape material. Very nice and a perfect starter for the show. Some people maybe found it too demanding and chose to speak (shout amongst themselves instead. Shame. Fripp proved again to be one of rock's brightest musicians!

Steve Vai: What a band! When all played in unison (often including even drums!), it really freaked me out! Dave, Tony, don't get better backing guitars and bass! All played fantastic solos.

Satriani: I rest my case. Outstanding.

The jam: The King Crimson-medley was the best moment that night. So unbelievably good!

The sound: From row 3 it was ok, Billy Shehan dropped out of the sound sometimes, and Fripp was not given the perfect sound. All in all ok, not perfect.

The lighting: A disaster. I missed much because of the bright lights during Satriani. Stupid.

Overall: Mighty!

dimmitrakis Wed Jun 16 '04
Goeta Lejon, Stockholm,
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Jun 17, '04 2:48 am

Great Show!

Fripp did a strange show sitting in a corner playing som weird background music...

Steve did his job, powerful and good. A little bit to loud though, several times during his act i had to hold my hands over my ears because it was way to loud.

Joe owned the night, better sound, better songs, better everything...

It was nice chatting to the guys after the concert, Steve and Joe are very nice guys. I had spoken to Steve before so i knew he was a nice guy, but Joe really surprised me, what a down to earth man...

Joe, you are a cool guy.

/ Dimitri

mattiasmoberg Wed Jun 16 '04
Goeta Lejon, Stockholm,
Rank: 9 Posted: Thu Jun 17, '04 2:13 am
I love U but you play WAY TO LOUD!!! Do you know how loud you play? The loud volume completley ruined Steves show, do you or the soundman decide the volume? I love what Fripp does in Crimson... but whats he doing here? Love Mattias