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kalle Tue Jun 15 '04
Lisenbergellen, Gothenburg,
Rank: 7 Posted: Mon Jun 21, '04 1:54 pm

FLOP I admit I wasn’t expecting too much from Mr Fripp..

Sadly, his ”performance” was by far worse than I could have ever imagined! :shock:

I even apologised to my friend for bringing him along, can u imagine?! Several in the audience – including myself – actually thought for quite a while that some weird soundcheck was going on!

½ the audience left the concert hall during Fripp’s set.

No “real” songs, just strange loops & repeated sounds going on for 45 minutes. Even for a trained ear, it was nearly impossible to judge what was guitar/guitar synth/synth. He was sitting on a stool in the corner of the stage, 5 meters in. No contact what so ever with the audience, and not one single word spoken. He did not even look at the audience. :?

Ultimately, I guess it’s Satch’s responsibility to pick someone suitable for this event. I really thought he knew better what this dedicated audience appreciates. I am deeply disappointed & shocked of his poor judgement. :(

In fact, I can’t believe that they actually brought him along – IMO it was a big mistake – this did NOT fit G3. :x

Also, when reading some excerpts from Fripp’s diary, I get a feeling of sadness and pity. In the same time I think it’s pathetic – he’s actually trying to convince himself to be ignorant to a booing audience, feeling “stronger” when he walks off the stage, than on! :?

During the jam, I could not see any connection/contact between Fripp and S/V. They did not seem to have fun together either.

There are many many fine guitar players that haven’t gotten a chance to come along for this G3 ride, which is a real pity.

Personally, I’d like to see Neil Zaza up there!

His extraordinary melodic “singing” type of playing would suit & complement perfect with S/V.

VAI Phenomenal performance indeed by Steve! He put on a great show as usual! :)

It’s so great to see these fine musicians together, and it was real funny to see Steve duel with Jeremy (my god he hits hard!) :lol:

The Triple Neck-piece was of course awesome to watch! 8)

The sound was quite good, though on some songs Steve’s guitar got over-boosted through the PA, resulting in somewhat of a crack noise.

I was kind of expecting some new songs to be played (apart from I Know You’re Here), but there were none.

And I was hoping to see some cool new guitars brought along but……..none. I’ve said it before: I’m SO bored with the white ones!

When can we see the Baritone or other cool pieces?

SATCH Compared with Steve, Joe is quite boring to watch.

Kind of stiff, and he certainly lack Steve’s stage presence, as well as his ability to entertain an audience.

But he IS a melodic maestro!

The new songs came through really good though, and his playing was of course excellent.

Also, he got the best overall sound out of the 3.

And a + to Satch for having the best looking guitars. 8)

tetovo Tue Jun 15 '04
Lisenbergellen, Gothenburg,
Rank: 8 Posted: Wed Jun 16, '04 3:56 am
A great G3 with 2 guitarist! Fripp was really bad. He sat on a chair in a corner an played so called music that nobody understood. He didn´t connect with the audience and it was the worst stage performence ever. The show started when Steve came out. They did a great job, played some great tunes and i love the part when they all play on the each others guitar necks. Satch stole the show, he played 5 songs from the new album like " Seaching" and "I like the rain" and i loved the jam and the end of "Always with me...". Even though Joe played 10 songs it felt like 5 minutes. I wanted more. I really hope that he can do a solo tour in Sweden soon! In the G3 jam you could´t hear anything of what Fripp was playing but i didn´t care. Overall it was an awesome show and if there were tickets for todays show in Stockholm i would drive for 6 hours just to see master Joe again!