show review
GreenShampoo Sat Oct 12 '02
Rank: 10 Posted: Wed Oct 16, '02 7:58 am

This was a night to remember for me and my friends! We were the frist ones in line, and the waiting was worth it! This concert was the most amazing thing ever. The sound literally blew me away. Joe's skills were undiscribably explosive! The bass and drum solos were incredibly excellent also and added a very good touch to it! My friends and i almost lost our voices by cheering at Joe's amazing guitar playing. Waiting 5 hours with my friends just to get front row center spots was worth it. It was worth every cent i spent on it!!! I was very very very satisfied.

AND if that wasnt enough, Seeing Joe and his band after the show backstage was a dream come true! Mr. Satriani, Mr. Campitelli, Mr. Bissonette, Mr. Henson I would like to thank you signing our things and spending time in hong kong to leave us speachless! You have been an inspiration to our lives and our band!

BIG THANK YOUS to the tech crew also!!! (we still want your caps :D)


The Four Praising Idiots With The Shirts In The Front Row: - - Joe, Dominic, Oliver and Supratik

druminic Sat Oct 12 '02
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Oct 14, '02 8:08 am

Dude!!!! The concert was a blast!! Waiting in line for 5 hours was definately worth it, and no trouble, cuz we have no girlfriends. Mr Sat, thank you so much to drop by in Hong Kong, other music groups never bothered to stop by but you did!! :D and thank you to Sha (the nice guy) for letting us in backstage. It was a dream come true to finally meet Joe Sat and crew (we love your caps, tech crew!!). Thank you JeffC for signing my sticks and giving me yours. Your bongo-ing errr drumming has been an inspiration to me. Nice drum and bss solo! My bassist and I are going to try something like that. On behalf of my band, thank you so much for the great music, and thank you so much for being here!

"TRUE MUSICIANS DON'T HAVE GIRLFRIENDS!" - Jeff Campitelli Jeff, I'll remember that until the next time i go on a date :)

--dominic (1 of 4 of the 4 praising idiots with the shirts in the front row)