show review
Koj Sun Oct 06 '02
Shibuya Ax
Tokyo, , JP
Rank: 6 Posted: Sun Jun 08, '03 11:54 pm

Maybe I'm being too harsh with a ranking of 6 but it's probably a result of my expectation being too high. The band's playing was flawless but I wasn't moved in a way that I had been at Joe's various other tours/gigs. HIs band members - although great respected musicians - frankly "looked" old and stale. I was expecting some elements of visual stimulation (as well the aural).

Also, I really love Joe's live CDs but it kind of spoils the actual live gigs. Part of the excitement in going to see a live show is that "how will he play that song live?" The new songs the band played are obviously new but the others I've heard most of them on CD's.

To summarize, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, felt that I got my money's worth but I wasn't blown away as I have been with Joe's other gigs and other performers' gigs I've recently been too (like Nuno Bettencourt / Population 1)