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phoenixrising6099 Tue Mar 26 '24
Florida Theatre, Jacksonville,
Rank: 10 Posted: Sat Mar 30, '24 12:13 pm

Best show Iíve ever been to, hands down!! The concert DVDs I grew up on do NO justice to the electricity you feel hearing that wave of sound and emotion crash into you in such an intimate venue. I attended the concert in memory of my father, and Always With Me made me cry to the point of losing my contact and having to squint the rest of the night, but still had the best night of my life.

Rai, Kenny, and Bryan seemed like their own little three-piece, visibly having fun and keeping the driving heart of the song thumping while Joe burned his frets off over the top of it all. Raiís incredible musicianship and especially his vocals during the encore

I adored the setlist; covering so many of my favorite classics (AND SAHARA!!). I didnít think my partner would find the show too relatable, but when Joe played the first chords of ĎIf I Could Fly,í his eyes lit up and he looked at me, instantly recognizing one of the songs Iíve been jamming to around the house.

I couldnít thank everyone involved with the show enough for such an amazing night. I had the time of my life and didnít even get (or need) a meet and greet. I think the dude that sold me my t-shirt might have been a Vai thoughÖ. HmmmÖ. Iíll go back to practicing for a while now. \m/ -CK