show review
squares Sun Oct 30 '22
Asbury Hall, Buffalo,
Rank: 10 Posted: Mon Oct 31, '22 7:55 am
Please come back to Asbury Hall! This venue has its own cool vibe and is more intimate than most places I've seen Joe. Given the size constraints they were unable to have the video projections which put more emphasis on Joe, Kenny, Rai and Bryan - and they delivered! It was cool to see Joe get guitar feedback effortlessly - even without using the sustainer. You could tell it was feeling really good to him. There was a boy and his parents in the front row who were able to get one of Joe's picks and one of Kenny's sticks which was really sweet. I wore a Friday the 13th mask to give the guys a laugh as it was Halloween eve. Kenny and Bryan gestured to me with admiration. It was my girlfriend's first time seeing Joe and said it was in her top three shows she's ever seen.