show review
ujjie Fri Nov 04 '22
Scottish Rite Auditorium, Collingswood,
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu Dec 08, '22 10:54 am

This was my first show with my life partner. We had a long week leading up to that Friday and for some reason I thought there would be an opening act and that the show would start at 9pm. By the time we reached the hall inside, we managed to see the last song of Set 1 The Summer Song before intermission.

I was supposed to fly to Nepal the next day as my mother was hospitalized for heart attack. I was very adamant that we attend this show nonetheless to get my mind a rest. I day dreamed that day about me as a 19 year old, on the computer playing and practicing Satch's songs and my mom would bring the lunch in my room in early 2000s.

The next day my mother passed away. So this show will always be memorable to me. Joe's music and songs has been my soundtrack since my early teenage years. His notes, melodies and harmonies speak to me emotionally.

Also the venue was beautiful and cosy.