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hansseng Sat Apr 15 '23
RABOzaal Heerlen, Heerlen,
Rank: 5 Posted: Sun Apr 16, '23 12:14 pm
Dissapointed. I have seen Joe several times and I have bought the VIP package several times. This included a individual picture with Joe and a short meer and Greet talk of 3 minuts. This was the approach before covid for around 150 euros. This time I begged my wife to Join me and you also join me for the club package. I wanted her go understand why this is so special for a fan. So I buyed 2 packages, 2x 180 euro. This club package was a Q&A with 18 persons. Only 5 People could ask a question because of the time limit and the big group we were. I liked the down to earht answers of Joe, but my wife says this isn't worth 180 euros, and she is right. The show itself was okay. However, we wanted to sit on the balcony and I constated that my tickets were only standing, I Remember previous VIP were we could sit on the best places, this wasent the case here. We left the show at 22:45pm, I didnt deze the end of the show as my dissapointment annoyed my feelings. However, Joe is still Joe, the songs are great, the music is great, but I think this was my last VIP and even my last show. Before covid things were different. PS: Why Brian had a Covid Mask on ?