show review
canadajoe Wed May 30 '18
Grey Eagle Event Centre, Calgary,
Rank: 10 Posted: Thu May 31, '18 10:55 am

Saw Joe at the Surfing to Shockwave tour at the Grey Eagle and this show was better with some minor differences. I'll write them in hopes Joe reads them and gets some idea of what the fans like and want to see. The set list was better this time around. It flowed from song to song so well I never was bored. Joe's playing is right there in the pocket. I felt every note. Sang along in my head to all the parts. Mike wow loved what you added to the show. You listen to Joe so well and you support and add bits when you need to to make the songs better! I loved it! Brian was sold I have no complaints. His tone is good and you can hear the bass which is always nice. Joe on drums was ok. Solid. Marco was missed. I wondered how Vinnie Colaiuta's parts could ever be reproduced live but Marco was more the capable. I love the drumming on Unstoppable Momentum so much. They add so much to each song!

Joe I know you are a musician first so strange merchandise requests may never reach your ears but I'd like some 18K Gold jewelry. A Silver Surfer in white gold and all the other golds too would look great! How about some eighth notes in gold or a triplet? Your favourite lick in gold? I'd like a really cool leather jacket. Something like Rush did for their 30th Anniversary. No name sorry I'm not Joe Satriani but some cool graphics? A comicbook character based on the image we see on the cover of Time Machine? Have Alan Moore or Grant Morrison write it. A Marshal JS practice amp. The best ever practice amp!

Thanks Joe! If you tour, release music, or are involved in something creative I will support it. The artist inspires and I wanted to say thank you for the music and the goodness you have released into the world. I appreciate it and you very much! Happy travels! God bless you and those you love!

Joe in Canada.