show review
hansseng Mon Apr 23 '18
Zenith, Lille,
Rank: 6 Posted: Wed Apr 25, '18 11:28 am
The 3rd time in a short period that I see the G3. This time I don't have an Ultimate VIP. I was seated in the middle front row this time. The sound was really good in this venue. The Satriani part was superb. Super Funky Badass was again great to see. The whole Satriani show was great. Uli was a little sloppy, but his 2 guitar players are covering him really well. He also had some guitar problems, but he solved this very professionally. John Petrucci was also a little sloppy in his playing, a little lesser then Uli, but still. I again didn't like that digital edge he has in his sound, but this speaking as a guitar player. The overall sound was okay. The G3 jam was again chaotic and not well structured, it downgrades the godness feel of the guitar players, it sounded like me and my friends on backing tracks.. So to conclude, Satriani is god, but the G3 thing isn't really what I expected. But still, it is worth the money.